Friday, January 31, 2014

Starting a Project

Hello Friends!
    If you follow my forum posts at Studio Calico you might know that this morning I went into surgery to have a cone biopsy of my cervix done. During my pregnancy I had a high grade abnormal pap smear done. We followed that up with a colposcopy and the results were highly abnormal and would require a follow up at my 6 weeks post partum appointment. Last week Wednesday we went over those results and I discovered just how severe the highly abnormal results were. From the July 2013 results I had stage 3 pre cancer also refered to as stage 0. My doctors concern is that from the ectocervical sample there were endocervical cells found. This means that the lesions had spread into my cervix. This required a cone biopsy to hopefully remove all of the pre cancerous tissue. Pending results several possibilities are in front of me.

     I love to scrap and do project life. I have scrapped for several years and created and designed several digital kits from my old blog. I have been inspired by the lack of cancer related scrapbooking supplies available in the market and decided to design my own kit and I hope to share this kit with others who are interested in sharing and scrapping their own journeys. It is called Survivor and will be an ongoing project that also incorporates things for my PL scrapbook. I also will make digital cut files, create templates and share my journey with you. I am not affiliated with anyone at the moment so I am just sharing my stuff with you. Here is a preview of what I am working on.
To get this journey started my friends I designed this inspiration 3X4 card. Please enjoy and send others here to enjoy too.
designed by Brandy Layton 2014