Thursday, February 20, 2014

Color Theory Class: Threads to Match

Hi Friends,
      One of my peers in the upcoming Color Theory class at Studio Calico wondered what DMC floss colors would match up with our color cards. So I went to JoAnns after my doctors appointment today minus kids and spent two hours coming up with three thread options that work with the Colors from Studio Calicos new Color Theory line. I am not affiliated with them and not getting paid just wanted to help out fellow friends.
I have numbers for DMC floss, Dual Duty spool thread, and Gutterman spool Threads (which I am using).

DMC Floss
Ecru, 151 LT Dusty Rose, 163 MD Celadon Green, 300 DK Mahogany, 307 Lemon, 310 Black, 311 MD Navy Blue, 336 Navy Blue, 349 DK Coral, 352 LT Coral, 369 LT Pistachio Green, 433 MD Brown, 470 LT Avocado Green, 472 Ultra LT Avocado Green, 519 Sky Blue, 564 LT Jade, 598 LT Turquoise, 601 DK Cranberry, 602 MD Cranberry, 606 Bright Orange-Red, 648 LT Beaver Gray, 666 Bright Red, 720 Dk Orange Spice, 721 MD Orange Spice, 726 LT Topaz, 754 LT Peach, 801 DK Coffee Bean, 822 Lt Beige Gray, 844 Ultra DK Beaver Gray, 907 LT Parrot Green, 943 MD Aquamarine, 958 DK Seagreen, 966 MG Baby Green, 973 Bright Canary, 995 DK Electric Blue, 3042 LT Antique Violet, 3341 Apricot, 3347 MD Yellow Green, 3354 LT Dusty Rose, 3689 LT Mauve, 3750 DK Antique Blue, 3801 DK Melon, 3811 LT Turquoise, 3812 Dk Seagreen, 3824 LT Apricot, 3834 Dk Grape, 3843 Electric Blue, 3851 Lt Bright Green.

Coats and Clark Spools
s900 series the smaller ones
450 NUgrey, 620 Slate, 900 Black, 1210 Pink, 1840 Bright Rose, 2160 Atom Red, 5140 Rocket Blue, 9165 Green Tint, 9185 Champagne Tint, 9272 Bright Sun Yellow.
s910 series
2100 Chili Pepper, 3070 Fuchia, 3340 Light Violet, 4780 Blue Stone, 5020 Aqua Marine, 5820 Carribean Sea, 6420 Nile Green, 6640 Spearmint, 6850 Bright Apple, 6920 Chartruese, 7250 Sun Yellow, 7750 Kumquat, 7930 Salmon, 8170 Coffee.

Gutterman Spools (what I am using and cheaper for machine sewing purposes)
under the silk thread spools 580 forgot to write down the name for this one.
under all in one spools
10 Black, 30 Bone, 100 Stone, 112 Grey, 209 Powder Blue, 245 Jay Blue, 307 Rosebud, 345 Raspberry, 375 LT Coral, 400 Poppy, 406 Tiger Lily (for both WellRed and Poppy), 560 Spice, 637 Arctic Blue, 650 Sea Foam, 700 Mint Green, 704 LT Green, 712 Lime, 745 Pepper Green, 776 Moss Green, 850 Goldenrod, 907 Dahlia, 940 Amethyst.

I hope you are as excited as I am and I hope this helps!


Friday, January 31, 2014

Starting a Project

Hello Friends!
    If you follow my forum posts at Studio Calico you might know that this morning I went into surgery to have a cone biopsy of my cervix done. During my pregnancy I had a high grade abnormal pap smear done. We followed that up with a colposcopy and the results were highly abnormal and would require a follow up at my 6 weeks post partum appointment. Last week Wednesday we went over those results and I discovered just how severe the highly abnormal results were. From the July 2013 results I had stage 3 pre cancer also refered to as stage 0. My doctors concern is that from the ectocervical sample there were endocervical cells found. This means that the lesions had spread into my cervix. This required a cone biopsy to hopefully remove all of the pre cancerous tissue. Pending results several possibilities are in front of me.

     I love to scrap and do project life. I have scrapped for several years and created and designed several digital kits from my old blog. I have been inspired by the lack of cancer related scrapbooking supplies available in the market and decided to design my own kit and I hope to share this kit with others who are interested in sharing and scrapping their own journeys. It is called Survivor and will be an ongoing project that also incorporates things for my PL scrapbook. I also will make digital cut files, create templates and share my journey with you. I am not affiliated with anyone at the moment so I am just sharing my stuff with you. Here is a preview of what I am working on.
To get this journey started my friends I designed this inspiration 3X4 card. Please enjoy and send others here to enjoy too.
designed by Brandy Layton 2014