Thursday, May 16, 2013

Letting go in my mission for OLW Less

Hi Readers!
    Already May and time just keeps moving by and I have been busy in my little life and overwhelmed. There are lots of changes in store for our household and summer vacation. While life has been overwhelming mainly due to the final classes for my MBA, I have been focusing on my OLW: LESS. For many months now I have been disatisfied with a product and company that I had been purchasing from and guilted myself into continuing. I finally let it go today and I really feel so much better. I have accumulated a decent amount of product over the past year and a half and I have used a great deal of it. I just have to say in the scrappy industry the product just has not sparked me and what has caught my interest is taking forever to be available. I plan to use up my scrappy stash and focus on projects that need to be finished to create less to do. Not much has really gone on, my creativity is out the window right now and I am just busy with school. I am looking forward to the end of June as our family is heading to Disney World for a week vacation. We are staying at a resort to really capture the feel of the magic bubble and to avoid the reality of the city waiting for us. I need a break...I am truly worn out. I have also been up and down health wise so that has been interesting. However, Less is much more of a common thing in our home. Now to just keep purging and resisting!