Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dying Easter Eggs

Hi Friends,

There is nothing more exciting than this age off wonder and curiosity. The two year old has dyed Easter eggs every year so far. This year it was magical. That moment when the nine year puts a white egg into a cup of hot color and it comes out that color! As he gasps "SEE!" and than asks "ME? PLEASE!". When I start to take life too seriously, all I need is a dose of these two boys and some sort of fun activity. Here are some pictures of the dying of our eggs and the hunt for both boys. The big boy is with his father having fun this week so I wont see him until Easter evening.

Sigh...I have the best boys ever!

Friday, March 22, 2013

One Little Word a few months in...

Hi friends!
    Yup...still here. Lets talk about Ali Edward's "One Little Word". I chose to focus on the word LESS. So far I have discovered quite a bit about myself, that I may or may not like, but can change. One of the things I needed to do was spend less time on the computer to get more projects done. The first month we created monthly prompts. The second month we create a collage or mood board of things that hit our gut on impact. This month we are focusing on a project that we want to complete. Lets start with last months collage prompt.
I am in love with everything here. These are all images that I impulsively added to my folder from the internet.

Lets list them.
1. Go to Disney with my family on Vacation.
2. Polish my hardwood floors.
3. Get off my duff, put on my ballet slippers and dance again.
4. Create that big garden in the backyard.
5. Define my wardrobe with fewer pieces of clothing.
6. Deal with my 150,000+ vintage buttons. (any buyers?)
Not shown
7. Purge my large collection of vintage patterns. (any buyers?)
8. Move my scraproom.
9. Create an open livingroom.
10. Purge my home.

So Far, I have completed:
1. I booked a 6 day 5 night trip to Disney World at the the Port Orleans Riverside Resort. I live about 30 minutes away, but wanted to be in the Disney bubble.
2. I mopped and polished my hardwood floors this month and completed my prompt for this month.
3.I had to order a new pair of ballet slippers, which came in the mail earlier this month and have been worn and danced in.
4. I have created the plot for the large garden and purchased all of the flowers. Just need to plant them.
5. I have purged 6 pairs of jeans that no longer work for me. I have decided to go with 3 pairs of jeans from Target. I have 2 pairs of Mossimo Black fit 3 dark blue jeans, and one light blue pair same fit. I love the way they flatter my mommy figure which no longer has any reason to believe it should fit in junior clothing. Just have hips and a slight mommy pouch from my beautiful children.
6. Still need to deal with the vintage buttons.
7. I have seperated the patterns I want from the patterns I want to purge. They date from the 1950's to the 90's and range from Butterick to Vogue.
8. I successfully moved my scraproom.
9. I have a lovely airy livingroom that is nice and open and easy to keep clean.
10. So far I have purged about 800 lbs from my home.

In the process I discovered:
1. I buy extra stuff when I am blue.
2. I have been holding onto the toddlers babies things in hopes to have another baby. I think fate is telling me no dear. I have some abnormal growths on my left ovary. I am a cancer survivor and hope that these are benign.
3. There are horrible, rotten people who have no quams about commiting fraud for nearly $1,400 dollars. Thankfully all was recovered.
4. I really can't wait for college to be over. I only have 12 weeks left. The only paper I want to write is my sons excuse notes ;).
5. I am finding that less is bringing more important things into my life.
6. I have a hard time dealing with people in real life, but I have made some new friends. My issues with people stems from several let downs from others in my life.
7. I am discovering my own mortality in everything around me these days, which makes me cry.
8. I am disappointed with my job right now, mainly the people who go to work to not work.
9. I want to work with cancer patients and their families through photography.
10. Most of my let downs in the past two years made me miserable as a human being and therefore I was miserable around others. I chose to let it all go and forgive.

So far LESS is a good thing.
Here are some pictures from the past few months. :)
Missed you!

Favorite Scrapbook Page.
Favorite Project Life Sread
The Airy Living Room
The scraproom
The Large Garden Plot
The baby turned two