Thursday, November 21, 2013

Family Time: Christmas Photo Shoot

Hi Friends!
Been pretty busy here as I am sure the majority of you are. Baby is due anytime and has tried to come early...half way through the process and on hold. I am thinking (more like trying to convince myself) that I managed to get my Christmas photo shoot done so he will come. Saturday marks full term at 37 weeks and this is great! Not so great...the feeling like I am about to completely bust my rear end everytime he hits the nerves in my legs. For those who have not experienced this...just imagine hitting not only your elbow, but that nerve in your elbow...the one that sends pain shooting up and down your arm. Now add that to an already clutzy person who is 9 months pregnant and wobbling more than a penguin who is carrying an egg carefully on the tops of its feet and you have disaster waiting to happen. Have kids they said, it will be fun they said...only if you make it to have them I suppose.

Onto the photoshoot...I had a friend help me with taking the the photographer it is kind of hard to pull these off on your own. Once I had the pictures it was off to editing. I am in love with the final results and I adore my children. Here are some pictures from our shoot.
To be added in our Christmas cards this year!
The belly at 36 weeks 5 days
They are too silly for words!
Our family

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