Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fall Happenings: Family Picnic

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We are almost one month into fall here in the states and I am a happy camper. Loving my early morning drive to work with the windows down and the cooler evenings eating dinner outside on the weekends at my parents. I also love that fall seems to spark life into my family and we spend more time doing activities and going on adventures. My daddy told me about a picnic he was having with work and it happened to be on a Sunday, he did not however tell me that my brother was planning a suprise trip to town from Gator country. I was making treats for my family dinner on Saturday when I saw Nastasia (my brothers car) go by. I had been thinking of him and just chalked it up to a mirage. However, my big boy came pouncing in an hour later from playing with friends and said that his uncle was in town and to go up to my parents to see him. Three months since I had seen him since he left for the big wide world, I ran as fast as a pregnant woman could with treats in hand. It was great to see him and I learned that he would be joining us at the picnic.

Fastforward to the picnic with free food & drinks, pony rides, bouncy houses, and arts & crafts for the kiddos. It was a great time and I ate like a pig and enjoyed watching my boys do new things. Watching my family unwind and connect is always wonderful. Moving onto the pictures and festivities.
Bouncy House fun
When we first arrived my little one exclaimed: "Big toy!" when he saw the bouncy house, there were two of them and out of the 3.5 hours we were there this is where they lived. The older boy mother hens this little one as he is more cautious natured than the little one who jumps then thinks about it later, usually after he gets a boo boo.
Free unlimited snow cones..I wont tell you how many I had as I could not have the free unlimited drinks...
The boys enjoyed two raspberry snow cones and then off to arts & crafts.
Painting Pumpkins
Pictures of mommy
After all of that fun, the horses arrived, thank goodness the horses not ponies arrived, as my too cool ten year old would not be caught dead on them. I miss horses and riding, for me it has been over 20 years since I last cleaned stalls during the summer for free rides on horses. My daddy helped the little one the horse and just like with me when I was a little girl he let go and let him ride being led of course. This little fearless man loved every second of his ride and wanted to keep going for more. I have to find a place he can ride somewhere around here.
Taking a breath and letting him go
The big boy loved his ride too
Then my daddy regailed them of olden times when he was a younger man and a cowboy. How he would ride cattle up the rocky mountains and worked on a ranch. Yes folks I am a country girl at heart and really miss the land, the people, the life, and the seasons. While the big boy went back to hang out with his grandma and beadsome things to take home, the little one and I danced, because the little one is the next famous dancer in the making.
Cutting a rug with mommy
We finished our trip with more food, desserts, and arm paint and headed home for naps until dessert later that evening.
A lizard for the little one
skeleton bones to match the big boys shirt
These are the moments; and I love them. I never want to forget them and that is why I scrap them, so that when my memory becomes rusty, I can look back at these moments and remember. I never want to forget. No matter how many challenges I may face or my path might be a journey alone, I have these boys and I want them to love life and make family one of the most important things they will ever be a part of.

Thanks for visiting and now I am off to scrap.

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