Sunday, September 8, 2013

Who's that MIA girl?

Hi Friends!
Been a long time in blog time I guess. Took a nice long break to finish up my MBA and well for a while the news has been out, but I am expecting Baby Boy # 3. Benjamin Robert due to make an appearance in December 2013. Most anticipated delivery of my life and the hardest pregnancy I have ever experienced. Lets just say anywhere from tyrannical T-rex momma to blubbering inconsolable pregant lady. Now we enter 6 and 1/2 months and I am finally coming around again. Took a nice long breather to enjoy my children this summer without having to stay up late and do homework, sleep for 4 hours than go to an 8 hour job, I finally found sleep and life after an MBA. I am also on the bench for a better position when I have this little bundle of joy. Does this mean I have not been busy? Further from the truth. I have been working on my One Little Word: less all year and through this process of letting go, I really have gained so much more in time, less stress, more motivation, less guilt, and more. So let us take a picture tour of the last few months shall we? Not much for May friends, I really loathed May and just ignored it and pretended it did not happen in 2013.

June 2013
Magical Epic Family vacation to Disney World
Enjoyed a week of magic with my family
Even Benjamin was along for the Journey.

July 2013
My baby brother who will be 22 this year went upstate to UF
OLW: Less hit the Big boys newly transformed Room
OLW: Less hit our family room/dining room.
Just waiting for cooler weather, it has to be coming soon...

August 2013
Suprise! I am boy number 3!
Making warmer things for this Winter Baby!
Meeting the big boys 4th grade teacher.
Picking up the big boy from his first day back to school.
Earthquake Minecraft Birthday cake for a 10 year old!

September 2013
Decorating for fall because it will bring the cooler weather right?!?
Making new bedding for my little boy and his baby brother.
Teaching my big boy how to cook simple meals, so far we have three down.

Alright so now you are caught up in the Adventures of Bran! In my next post I will share my scrappy happenings followed by a post on a simple wreath tutorial complete with pictures. Stay tuned as the Many Adventures of Bran resumes!


  1. Congrats on Baby Boy #3. I have 4 boys...Love them. That minecraft cake is awesome!

  2. Many congratulations and blessings for your new little boy. Love that you already took him to Disney World.

  3. Congratulations Brandy!! you have been busy!! good kind of busy!!


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