Wednesday, September 25, 2013

DIY Ribbon Wreath for Fall

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Here is that little DIY I mentioned. It is by far not the first but just how I made my ribbon wreaths for our home. Two years ago I was going to take up cross-stitching and after some time realized I just don't have the time in my life for it. So I have had two embroidery hoops sitting on my shelf for a while, unused, looking at me like I let them down. In August I went to Hobby Lobby because I wanted to decorate my home with fall colors, yeah I know I am a nut, but I love my fall colors and I am more productive with them in my home. I saw so many amzing expensive wreaths that I wanted and lots of burlap and fall ribbon that I fell in love with. I came home with all of my fall decorations and flowers and ribbon. I decorated my whole living room but just could not get excited about the ribbon once I had it home. Upon another trip to the craft store with my mom I got that aha moment. I came home and decided to make ribbon wreaths, hardly technical, somewhat crafty and a unique look. I also made a garland of knotted ribbon too. Without further hesitation here is a little DIY, hardly fancy or complicated.

For this project you will need:
Embroidery or wreath hoops, Ribbon, scissors, and a stapler.

There are ribbons that I chose not to tie in knots. I wanted to make a different look with layering ribbons with different cuts. This is the main reason for the tutorial just to throw something out there. Cut 4 to 6 pieces of ribbon about 6 to 7 inches long.

Cut 4 to 6 pieces of a contrast ribbon at about 4 to 5 inches.

To create a unique look, take the smaller contrast ribbon and fold it in half then

Cut a triangle from the center of the unfolded edge.

When I took these photos I was using limited ribbon as I already created a few wreaths so the contrast ribbon was a little short. Fold the larger ribbon around the hoop and then fold the contrast ribbon over that ribbon.

 Staple into place.

After you have secured that one into place you can choose to add the rest around the hoop leaving spaces in between for knotted ribbons or do them as you go. You will want to cut about 6 to 7 inch lengths of various ribbons to knot around your hoop.

Have fun with it, change up the pattern add more or less detail or varience to you liking, remember it is just a quick simple DIY nothing spectacular, but it creates a very nice look.

Here is one of my finished wreaths, I added more detail in the stapled portions and just had fun with it.

Thanks for looking! Be back later with some layouts I created using Studio Calico's Double Scoop Scrapbook kit.


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