Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year and my Completed DD!

Hello Friends!

Happy New Year! After working a rigorous schedule yesterday with the very first truck of the year, I had today off. I spent it very carefully finishing my December Daily! It feels great to have a completed album. I will post a few pictures here but I encourage you to visit my gallery at Studio Calico for the rest. I want to try and keep the post not so graphic heavy so I can share my thoughts about my first DD album and process.

For me I was hesitant to do the DD as it seemed so overwhelming. I am glad however that I jumped in and began with 2012. I look forward to this years. With that all being said here are my thoughts about the whole thing.

I enjoyed prepping my album, however, I really got bored with what I did and it was not practical for the 4 X 6 album in the kit. I will do 6 X 8 this coming year and I will use rings. I like my mini albums to have a free-form feel. I will also not prep the majority of the album however plan my page spreads to be ready to put together to match the story I am telling whether it is a photograph or journaling. Towards the end of the DD I took pictures and jotted notes from the days...however...I worked a very busy schedule and could not get back to the rest until now. I liked that I made the weekly cards, I wont do that again however, I want different sized pictures and once I started with one format I had a hard time changing it for my OCD sake. I want to incorporate more digital elements as I have only been into Project Life for 2 days, but I have already added a digital element to my first week. I am certain that I will change my process every year, taking my favorite elements and bringing them into the next year. Here are just a few shots of my album.
 As you can see my album is quite thick! You will also notice to fit the last week in, I had to keep the pages simple and nearly embellishment free.
 In the 25 days class, I gained so much info including a fun tutorial on how to play with my Bokeh, I look forward to working on this technique throughout the year. Thanks Marcy Penner!
 I really loved this alpha and I wish I had two of them. Next year I will make sure to purchase two of each big letter alpha for my days.
 In the 25 days class creating these embellished pockets were my most favorite technique that I will incorporate into my PL and my DD again.
 I loved having this memorabilia available for my album! This is a playbill from a play my son went to see on a school field-trip!
To make sure the memories of the days were kept with their stories I journaled a day by day run down at the end of the album.

I am very happy with my first DD and I love it to pieces. I love that I have these moments to keep and share!


  1. Beautiful! Love all the little details.

  2. Lovely. Love the extra items like the playbill. I totally agree about having doubles of your favourite thickers for projects like these.

    1. I was so excited to have something from my son in there! Lesson Learned on the thickers lol!

  3. Love your DD! Mine was too chunky too and I had to lay off the embellies towards the end. I will definitely do a bigger size next year as well. Congrats on your first DD!

    1. If you notice when it came around to the last divider I seriously said no more! lol If I chose to do dividers for any future project they would need to be front and back too :)

  4. Great job on finishing it so fast! Love how your DD pages look and how chunky your DD is!
    Happy New Year!!

    1. I was so determined to have all of my scrappy projects done before I became so consumed with my first real attempt at PL. Happy New Year!


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