Monday, January 28, 2013

SC kit Break Down & PL Storage

Hey Friends!
Having fun being a busy mom of sorts...running around all over the know...classified mom stuff! ;) It is the 28th and that means that for me SC kits have been live since noon yesterday. This month I purchased the Junior Mint I had a discount and forgot to be on at noon to get popcorn sigh oh well...I also reached month 12 which means next month I will officially be an awards member yippee! I currently have all three subscriptions coming to me every month and that can lead up to a lot of product!
*topic detour*
 My one little word is Less. The more I keep saying the more it is becoming. This month it has been very clear to me and I have purged via dontating, trashing, or selling about 325lbs of stuff. whew!!! I am already exhausted lol but excited to watch my life transition with my new word. I really am looking forward to watching how this word will appear throughout the year.
*back on topic*
This means that I am purging and modifying how I will handle the left overs from my SC Scrapbook kit, Card kit, and PL kit. Ready? Here we go:
Step One: Try to use as much as possible from each kit.
Scrapbook kit: I created four layouts for the kit and will have one more totalling five for January.
Card kit: ahem um I have four cards in the sketchbook...none are completed yet.
PL Kit: I used various pieces for three weeks of my PL.
Step Two: Break down kits.
Scrapbook Kit: I trim off the bottom strips from my papers, choose which papers, alphas, and embellishments I will use for my fifth page. I then trim the rest of the scraps into usuable 4X6 and 3X4 cards for PL, the smaller pieces go into the kids craft box. Any papers I know I wont use go to donations or my mom. The thick chipboard that keeps the papers safe gets cut down for albums and other uses as it is very sturdy.
setting aside for a paper weaving challenge
Selected for fifth page from kit
donated to my childrens craft box
I can't look at this paper without feeling like I just went on the spinning tea cups...:(
ready to be a divider or cover for an album.
Card Kit: I have plans to make four cards with this kit, I just have not sat down and done them yet. I have trimmed all of my papers to 8.5X5.5. I have trimmed the vellum to create two covers for cards, the rest wen to my PL pile. I took half of the 6X6 paper pad and added it to my PL pile. When I finish making my cards the rest of the kit will breakdown into PL cards, donations for the kids craft box, and embellishments will be sorted in my small findings and notions tray.
My card kit Trimmed and ready to go
This is my small findings and notions tray.
PL Kit: After I have used what I will for the current month I will archive them in my little divider bin in my raskog cart from IKEA. I have a pretty decent paper pile that I have created using the leftovers from both kits and I will put those in that divider container as well. Everything else will be put away into their organized spots in my craft space.
Left over PL kit
Cut paper scraps from Scrapbook kit and Card kit. 
That pretty much sums up the breakdown and organization of my kits for this month and everymonth after. I will hold onto the product for six months than do a purge.

PL Storage! Yippie! I got one a Raskog cart that is! Currently I have all of the papers, stamps, ink, gle runners, pens, papers, paper trimmer, corner chomp thingy, and journal cards at the top. I have our families memorbelia in the middle, and I have my photo paper, white card stock for journal cards, and ink in the bottom. I should also mention that I have 5 Discs on top from my favorite digital artists and photograph actions, Paislee Press, One Little Bird, Three Paper Peonies, and My Four Hens Photography. I also have them on another hard drive as I lost all of my Paislee Press kits and four kits were expired links poo.
My happy Cart

The top 

the middle

the bottom
Ok friends that is all I have for you today!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

So what are you getting this CHA? Part 1

Hello Friends!
Oh all of the winter CHA lovely awesome collections...and my poor needs more money wallet! I am very limited this year in extra funds outside of my SC subscriptions in which I hope I get some of my favorites from each line :). I did however, manage to scrounge up about $34.00 buck and have these items on their way to me :)
I had to think very carefully of everything I wanted and things I just wanted because I love certain phrases like the Bazinga Mr. Huey's....ok...I love Sheldon! Now if money were not an issue and I had the extra money to spend here are the things I would get! 
Lets Start with entire collections shall we :)

I will be back with what I plan on getting from each of these lines...because that is what I can afford :)


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Scraplifting a Year in Review

Hello Friends!
I was reading up on my favorite blogs which are many so I have to break them down to 30 minutes a day or I swear nothing would get done...I do go back on if I have time. While I was browsing through my blogs Magdalena's year in review page caught my eye! I was reminded of how very much I wanted to do one myself and I loved the grid factor of pictures have a look see:
You can read more about her page on her blog Rockermorsan. I created my pictures on Thrusday night so that I could print them yesterday and work on my page. All I can say is I am pleased as punch!
Here is my take from her layout using the newest SC kit "Block Party"

Thanks so much for looking and happy scrapping!

Friday, January 11, 2013


Hello Friends!
How are things? Been pretty busy over here taking part and challenges and being super crafty! Over at Two Peas I recently took part of the Scrap Your Stash brad challenge and loved the idea so much I created a piece of frame art with my brads for Valentines day. I wanted to do something like this last year but I never a part of my one little word and working towards less. I used up quite a bit of brads on this project. Here is a picture of my layout for the two peas challenge, my frame art and another recent layout using up some brads!


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Digital Layout: Marshmallow Escapades

Hello Friends!
How are you three for some four days into the New Year?! I am pretty amped up. I am enjoying my days so far and getting many things accomplished. This evening the toddler decided that more was an option when it came to those marshmallow bits for the cocoa. While mommy was busy finishing her last discussion he quietly took them off the shelf and loudly poured them into his bowl with a mmmmmm following. I laughed and grabbed the camera...I mean really he was just too proud of himself here and I decided to create a digital kit using Paislee Press's newest digital kit! More + Less available in her shop, I love her designs and own just about everything :). Totally enabling here! I know my focus word is less and well...I created less of a mess :)! That justifies it! Here is my page:

Here is a look at her kit :) (Just enabling here of my own free will)
and some Journaling cards for my PL!!!!!eeeeek! Have a good night and catch them while they are on sale!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year and my Completed DD!

Hello Friends!

Happy New Year! After working a rigorous schedule yesterday with the very first truck of the year, I had today off. I spent it very carefully finishing my December Daily! It feels great to have a completed album. I will post a few pictures here but I encourage you to visit my gallery at Studio Calico for the rest. I want to try and keep the post not so graphic heavy so I can share my thoughts about my first DD album and process.

For me I was hesitant to do the DD as it seemed so overwhelming. I am glad however that I jumped in and began with 2012. I look forward to this years. With that all being said here are my thoughts about the whole thing.

I enjoyed prepping my album, however, I really got bored with what I did and it was not practical for the 4 X 6 album in the kit. I will do 6 X 8 this coming year and I will use rings. I like my mini albums to have a free-form feel. I will also not prep the majority of the album however plan my page spreads to be ready to put together to match the story I am telling whether it is a photograph or journaling. Towards the end of the DD I took pictures and jotted notes from the days...however...I worked a very busy schedule and could not get back to the rest until now. I liked that I made the weekly cards, I wont do that again however, I want different sized pictures and once I started with one format I had a hard time changing it for my OCD sake. I want to incorporate more digital elements as I have only been into Project Life for 2 days, but I have already added a digital element to my first week. I am certain that I will change my process every year, taking my favorite elements and bringing them into the next year. Here are just a few shots of my album.
 As you can see my album is quite thick! You will also notice to fit the last week in, I had to keep the pages simple and nearly embellishment free.
 In the 25 days class, I gained so much info including a fun tutorial on how to play with my Bokeh, I look forward to working on this technique throughout the year. Thanks Marcy Penner!
 I really loved this alpha and I wish I had two of them. Next year I will make sure to purchase two of each big letter alpha for my days.
 In the 25 days class creating these embellished pockets were my most favorite technique that I will incorporate into my PL and my DD again.
 I loved having this memorabilia available for my album! This is a playbill from a play my son went to see on a school field-trip!
To make sure the memories of the days were kept with their stories I journaled a day by day run down at the end of the album.

I am very happy with my first DD and I love it to pieces. I love that I have these moments to keep and share!