Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Daily: Days 3 & 4

Hi Friends!
I have days 3 and 4 pictures and dividers to share with you. Tomorrow I will share all of my completed pages. Are you having fun? Running into any concerns? I am having a blast, but my main concern is: will my album be able to fit everything I want in there. I love the fact that the album is 4 X 6 but I think next year I will opt for a bigger size we will see...

 The lights have been up for a few days, however we put the finishing touches up on the wreath for the front door and helped out my parents with their tree. I really am considering more lights next year! My parents front yard is a winter wonderland and I need to get a picture of it!

I love owls and bunnies, but more so owls! My tree is home to 32 owls, 16 wooden ornaments, 26 fabric ornaments, and a variety of glass and shatter proof ornaments. I went with multi colored lights for the first time ever in my adult life and they all blink and light up to their own little rhythm  The baby adores this tree and I love getting lost in memories of my children and my own child hood.
Be back tomorrow with my finished pages!!!


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