Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sneak Peeks and meet Sir Douglas...

Hi friends!
Been pretty productive...have all of the presents wrapped the stocking stuffers sorted out. Just need to finish some handmade gifts and buy some stamps to meet my yearly goal of getting the cards in the mail December 1st. Today I have been catching up on some work that will be showing throughout the month of December over at Freckled Fawn. I am also waiting for my new wood chips which will be on sale in the shop tonight...get them here. Speaking of decorating...

I finally got him! Sir Douglas which is the biggest most beautiful artificial tree ever! ( I miss the pine smell of the real tree, I do not miss the hives and rashes throughout the month of December). Sir Charlie Tree came out of the box this year very beat up and missing several tips. I have had my eye on Sir Douglas for a few years now and I finally got him. Here is a picture of me setting him up and him in full swag :)

As promised here are the sneaks of upcoming reveals!


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Finally a Home?

I have lived in my house for 2 years and until recently it has not felt like a home. Why?Maybe because my walls are concrete and I am not handy at drilling through concrete. So I purchased those sticky do-dads and began hanging up pictures. To me my house is not a home until I have hung up candid pictures. I have also been purging and cleaning and letting go. While this is a good thing it has come at the expense of great sadness. My husband and I will officially be going in different directions. I wish him nothing but the best, but somehow our dreams and desires became different paths. It has been a long time coming and a challenge for sure. I am slowly transitioning the house and my children for a new life and future. Here is a peek at my updated office/studio where all of the magic happens.

The pictures on the wall are of my children and me and our happy moments. There is a new addition with the shelves on the desk. Just a teeny tiny scrappy space in my living room. It really has grown into a magical place where I can escape for a period of time and craft. Thanks for looking!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Making Christmas Cards

That is what I am up to currently. I always snap a photo...more like get just the right story to send to my friends and family each year. This year I went hybrid with my card making. Here is just a little bit of the process.
I edit many photographs and decide which one really moves me. Here are some of the pictures of the boys together.

So we will just say that trying to get them to sit together will not happen without the little one throwing a fit. So we just went at this really is my favorite way to capture children and families. I chose the 3rd photo to make my cards with.
I then sit down and photoshop my card to represent the message I want to share. Using Ribbon font and snowflake brushes I captured my story.
I size it for print and then print 4 per page for the amount I need. I also create a typed message that will make two cards when done and I print these as well.
 Once I trim and cut everything I begin the folding and gluing process. Until I have my whole stack of cards.
 I hate to say it, but my Christmas card list has become so small I used to send over 60 a year. For various reasons my list is now down to about 30.
 The final card making stage is to add some dimension only a little dimension, with glitter gel.
Once they are done they are ready for personal messages, an envelope, address, and stamp.
Enjoy and Cheers!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lets Talk: December Daily

Alright...been off of work for the past two ear drum ruptured because my body thinks its funny or the universe...either way I do not appreciate missing paychecks...and being bored. Not like I don't have a list a mile long that continually finds two additional things to replace the one thing I finished. I am just tired of being home...sick...with my world moving in the opposite direction that I am moving. All is not lost however, as my December Daily kit from Studio Calico came in Friday to keep me occupied. So lets talk: December Daily that is.

Hi, My name is Bran, this will be my first December Daily. (never mind I have shyly watched Ali's blog since 2008, and could have done my own, ahem). I bought the kit, because I really didn't need any more supply, but I wanted everything in that kit, (oh who am I kidding) I hit the button before I ever saw it. I just wanted to be cool ;). No really, I feel bad for those who missed it and hope that they find something, because I feel a little guilty I have one, just a little bit.

The kit is freaking fantastic! There is so much to use, that I really want December to be here right now, (ok maybe not, because I really am not ready for it at all). So then I saw all of the digital awesomeness that Ali has for the DD...and because yours truly is sitting right here with a healing eardrum and not at work making money...your truly, had to whip up something from scratch. So, I lifted, copied, did not steal, but made my own version of the 4X6 daily cards. Wanna see?

Each one done by hand because for the life of me...we will just leave it that I did them by hand. I chose to make Red, Green, White, and Black following the idea of hers, and I am pleased with mine that I made from scratch, but I still wanted hers (just so you know). Ok, I digress they are pretty rockin' if I do say so myself, but you should note Ali's can be which I am pouting over (there is always next year).

Then I set about to the album cover, because I really, really did not want to mess it up. I mean so clean and pretty, I almost want to cover it in plastic...I decided to pull out some crayola glitter glue/gel pens. Well, here take a look...I am very happy with my cover.
I loved the choice of stamps and my little glitter fun..its snow ok...I live in snow...only frost in my freezer
I used my Graphic 45 typewriter stamps for the spine...and more glitter and lovely snowflakes

Pretty huh...I still think it needs to be covered in plastic...any-who, I thought I would share the beginning part of supplies I think I might need for my DD. This will be a growing supply as I have some rockin' washi tape coming in from Freckled Fawn.

Here is the whole sha-bang!
Versafine Onyx black ink, Prima Chalk inks ladybug, English ivy, tin can, & worn jeans, versamagic white chalk ink, AC Christmas Roller Stamp, Graphic 45 Typewriter stamps, Alpha stamps from SC Monkey Bars add-on kit.
SC Veneers Hearts, Arrows, & stars, teal, clear, and white sequins.
Brads from one of the SC kits
Doilies & tickets from Freckled Fawn, old sturdy index dividers
A slew of Washi tape from Freckled Fawn, OS, & AC. Mister Huey's Real red, Opaque white, Passport, Shine, Gold, and Silver if I can ever find it...Also using Folk Art antique silver, copper, & gold paint, & Folk Art white paint.
Various glitter, tools, vintage threads, slick writer, white gel pen, various markers, and my precision black ink pen.
Alright, that is the beginning of the process. I will be back throughout the process to share with you guys. I need to get scrapping some other pages, but that will be tomorrow as I am now going to bed. :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Album 2012 *graphic Heavy*

Hi Friends! Guess what?! That finance class is finally over as of 2:15pm today yay!!!! I haven't been sitting around however. In the meantime I have been very busy working on an album from my stash I received from Marysboys over at SC for the swap your stash. In there where lots of fantastic coordinating things that made the perfect recipe for a mini album. Without further ado here is the album.

Thanks for Looking!