Thursday, October 11, 2012

Let's Talk : December Daily!

Hi Friends!

How many of you will be joining me in creating a December Daily album? I am very excited as this will be my first album after many years of watching. I jumped at the pre-order when it first hit my email. I decided I would go without all of my extras for a few months in order to get the kit. It is sold out however, which makes that empathetic part of me feel guilty that others wont have the kit. Have you thought about how you will approach your DD? Are you making notes? Today while I pumped myself up on it and the process, I created my December Daily companion. Just a mini composition book that I altered for notes and memory keeping. Here is a peek. Now that I have made one...maybe a tutorial? I just know me...2 kids, full time job, budding business, full time MBA student, things will get lost up there in mommy brain. I need help to pull out the memory files sometimes. Here is a peek at my companion.

Really simple, pretty, and to start using it ;)


  1. What a FANTASTIC idea, Brandy!! I need to do that too! I did December Daily last year, and LOVED it!! But, there was about a week that went by when I didn't get pages done quickly, and I couldn't remember what to write down for those days. Something like this will be priceless!! I didn't order any kits, I am going to do just like last year and make my own (I've certainly bought enough Christmas scrap stuff!!!) I'm even planning to make an extra book or two to give away or sell, but we'll see if that actually happens...

  2. I LOVE seeing everyone's DD's...that being said, I've never actually made one myself!! It sounds like you are prepared and set to go! s


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