Thursday, October 18, 2012

In the Weeds?!?

Hi Friends!

Ever have those moments in life, where time just literally flies? I have been a busy lady here at the home front..oh wait...I am always busy :). Lately I have been drowning in my homework, Managerial Finance, uggggh. Each week I have a seriously intense homework regimen that leaves me lost or chasing my tail. Only 3 weeks left of this very trying class. Enough of the school rantings as I chose to pay for this punishment (I kid!) and have only 4 more classes until my MBA is finished.

In other news, I have been busy creating, baking, cooking, laughing, playing, sewing, snapping pictures, mostly working, and sometimes sleeping. I have a few things coming up pretty soon for share but for now, I share a layout from Freckled Fawn and some of my personal style info.

This page was just meant to be. I love music and I am often stuck on lyrics for a song for days. However those lyrics only pop in my head after a moment reminds me. When I was a little girl living in Ogden, Utah, I remember the beauty of the world around me. I remember taking trips with my parents up to the cabin and the rocky mountains jutting so high. I also remember my daddy singing in his lovely deep baritone along with Randy Travis. My oldest boy was out riding his bike and let go of the handlebars and I started snapping pictures (I really do not wear my camera...I swear!) In the background "look heart, no hands" started playing in my head and the layout was born. During the processing of this photo I cried, look at him, so much bigger than he used to be, but still my baby. How fast it goes by, how bittersweet the love and memories make us feel at times.

Now onto my style:
I love the challenge of a white background.
I love ink splatters
I love Doilies
I love small journaling or lyrics
I love straight fonts or san seriph fonts
I love washi
I love versifine onyx black ink and any roller stamp...
These top are all must haves on every single layout!
I lightly embellish, but can get overly carried away if I love the product
I love veneer!
I love story telling pictures.

These are the elements I have to have and they change from time to time. I notice I have become deeper with emotions and in the story I wish to convey. I love being on a design team as it inspires me to get creative! Thanks for reading along!


  1. this is a really good post - appreciate the content and the excellent layout:)


  2. I love this layout and I love the story behind it. Great work :) xo


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