Thursday, June 28, 2012

Working on my Pieces of Me: Psoriatic Arthropathy

Hello Friends, Happy Thursday!
I have finishing up my "My Pieces of Me" album from the 2peas class. One of the sections is about an ailment I have been dealing with my whole life. It was not until I reached 18 that my doctors suspected I had Psoriatic Arthropaty. What? Pretty much means I have a skin condition that correlates with my joints and gradually will distort these joints over time. The condition has been livable, except for the birth of the baby, then everything hurt all of the time until the near end of 2011. I just have a picture of my right hand here. If you will notice my joints are already deforming. What does it feel like? Most days it doesn't phase me right now. However, when I am feeling is bad. I almost can barely used my hands, bend my knees or elbows, and I ache in every joint. We are working everyday towards solutions. Believe me when I tell you this is my hand at its best! It started when I was a baby on my back and chest. Than it went away. In 7th grade it appeared on my shins. At 18 it appeared on my knees and elbows. At 25 it began to appear on my hands and ankles. At 28 in my ears causing scaring which has diminished my hearing considerably in the past few years.  At 29 on my scalp and eyebrows. Once a year I try to address it and share sources of information that I think might be helpful to anyone out there that may be experiencing the same condition. 

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