Saturday, June 23, 2012

Washi Tape to go

Today I want to share a fun way to take your washi to go. I mean really, we are bustling out the door with our supplies to crop and we realize that there are several washi tapes we really want to bring, but than the mind changes and we are stuck bringing almost everything. Ok I really had this moment once, but I have been doing something different for quite a while now and is easy to expand as my collection of washi grows. I call it washi to go, am I the first person to come up with fact I know my friend Ursula over at scarlet bird designs gave some washi on a stick away back in November. But for me I think it is genius combined with a pencil box all ready to go.

I take 1 foot of each tape I have and wind them on craft sticks, I have them organized by color or type. I have my whole collection with me when I go, and I am not stuck changing my mind a million times ;). Nothing fancy but enjoy the pictures.

 I currently have 60 types of washi in my jar now. I have about another 20 on the way most of that lot is from my friends over at Freckled Fawn in which there are now several more I need/ no not want/ need ;)


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