Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Washi Ribbons and Organization oh My!

I have been working on creating a new chore system for my oldest boy. I also have recently been working on little gifts for friends. Washi was my answer! I used washi tape to create a fun tag chore system that I encouraged my boy to help me make. I sent him in my washi jar to pick out a bunch of his favorites, the majority can be found at Freckled Fawn, my favorite place for washi! Here are some pictures from our adventures!
The picks from my kiddo and my favorites in my stash available at Freckled Fawn

The chore board with pockets! The big boy helped with everything!

My big Boy stamping!

The chore cards tagged to match each pocket!
It was great to get him involved and create chores that were doable and presented in a fun way! I also need to create miniature boxes for a friend for a few trinkets. I thought that making washi ribbon would be great. I used wax paper several washi favorites, and imagination. Enjoy! I will create a tutorial soon!
All my pretty ribbons lined up in a row!

These are easy to knock out!

The little trinket box :)

I made more for myself Keep posted for simple tutorial soon :)
That is all for today my friends!

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  1. Can't wait for the tutorial! These are so gorgeous. What a fun chore chart too...maybe wehn the kids are a little older :)


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