Sunday, June 10, 2012

Washi Fun DIY : Smash tape

Ok so I was curious and being the curious individual I tried out something new. You know the Smash tape embosser thingy right? Well simple cardstock, washi tape, and that tool makes a lot of colorful fun options. Here is a quick peek.

I Love Washi, so the more ways I can use it the more I can justify buying more :)

Simply fill up a section of cardstock with washi.  Than cut them into 3/8in strips.

Using the smash embosser thingy feed the strip and start pressing the design. it has to be exact measurements to move through. It takes some practice but, you can do it!

 Here ya go nice new fun piece of decorated strips using washi.

P.S. you should check out Freckled Fawn, I am thinking about joining the monthly kit to figure out how much more work I need to do to afford it :)
Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Great technique - I have used my old dymo label maker bfor paper wtih out the washi.
    Looks great though!

  2. Oh, you enabler!!! :) I just ordered the label maker, and am SERIOUSLY thinking I'd love to get that Freckled Fawn kit!! How fun!


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