Thursday, June 7, 2012

Scrap Efficient Template No. 7

Hi there friends!

Today is my big boys last day of school. Today we find out if he passed his first chance at the IOWA test to move on to the next grade level. Surprisingly enough, my big boy who will be 9 went to school early because he is an August baby. I think out loud sometimes when we are driving and I asked did he go in too early? See he has struggled forever, and it had been an uphill battle with downpour rain. He responded, (I jumped and felt like a butt, because I had thought out loud on this with him in the car), "Mom, while I would love to go to 4th grade next year, maybe it might be better if I re-peat 3rd grade." I asked him to continue, "Mom, I will be the age of other 3rd graders next year and maybe I was not emotionally and socially ready to be in school at 5 instead of 6, maybe if I had 1 more year to learn and prepare at home before school, I might not be here."

   He is a thinker like I am...but he is also very methodical and very intelligent for his age. So what are your thoughts about children going to school at 5 vs 6? I personally have always felt that 6 was a great age for kids based on their general development. Regardless, I think as his parent, I might hold him back even if he passes the test. I am researching like crazy. I think for my son, this might better him for the future and he might stop struggling so much and this could give him the chance to finally enjoy school because he can be successful instead of feeling overwhelmed. Technically he can go to 4th, I just see him struggling every year, and holding him back a year now, really might give him a fresh chance to start right.

Ok....thanks for reading my thoughts. How are these templates working out for you? I have template 7 here and I hope you enjoy it.

Have a great Thursday!


  1. That looks like a very fun template!!

  2. Hey this looks cool! I will use your template when I make a layout and Link u back :)

  3. GREAT template. And, for what it's worth, I would totally hold him back. Make it very clear to him this is a positive thing -- I think you'll both be happier. :)

    1. I went to his teacher and talked to her, I told her that I was going to hold him back regardless, because this would be the best thing for him. She was great and together with him we were able to help him understand that this would be a very good thing. Thanks Jennie xoxo


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