Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Scrap Efficiency Template 6

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     On my journey to scrap efficiently, I think a great deal of freedom of guilt is lifted from my shoulders. Money is tight for the majority of us out there and I refuse to hoard. I haven't begun to really hoard, but I don't want to end up there if you know what I mean. Want to talk about efficient scrapping my fellow friend Jennie over at Scrappy Wife, Happy Life just finished off last months kit and add-on purchases with "2o pages, 4 cards, and a mini album" I think that is fantastic and I love what she has created. Not too long after another friend of mine talked about our favorite scrapper's and mentions that we should be included in our favorites and I could not agree more. Ursula over at Scarlet Bird Designs has a unique and exceptional take on color and passion for life that I really value. How often do we sabotage ourselves, comparing our work to everyone else's. Beating ourselves up...No more! You are you and only you will develop your own unique style and process. Free yourself up and enjoy the reason why you began your scrapbooking journey. This helped my put away those mental blocks and really let myself be free. Without further ado here is another template for you to enjoy on our scrap efficiently journey.

I am at 11 Layouts total from last months kits and add-ons and 10 cards. I will get pictures up of the cards when I get there lol! Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Brandy! I LOVE this sketch. Totally. I'm going to do it and link back to you. Second, thanks for mentioning me and my efficiency! I really find myself so happy with my own scrapping since I've given myself permission to use those pretty supplies and not just put them away because they are too nice to use. Anyway, they aren't great pages -- or even good, probably -- but they are MINE and show my memories that is what really matters -- right?! :)

  2. Very cool sketch! I always sabotage myself. Hard not to do.

  3. Thank you everyone! I know how easy it is to set myself up for sabotage 101. That is why when I find ways to free myself up from the race to the top and enjoy my own process than I am happy, scrap lovingly, and am overall just happy with the outcome. Jennie, I can't wait to see what you do with this LO! This was a fun one for me too.


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