Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pretty Little Studio Sketch Challenge

I guess I am a little slow to the game. I recently discovered Pretty Little Studio and I am in love with the vintage inspired collections over there. I decided to join in on this weeks challenge. You can find the challenge and template on their blog. My son is turning 9 in August and last night he was the most well behaved version of himself. Holding my hand because, getting the groceries out of the car on his own and taking the stuff out of the bags and organizing it in groups on the counter for me, and trying something new to eat. He has been a picky eater his whole life and never wants to try anything new. Last night he tried anchovies. He didn't mind them other than the smell and that they were way too salty. So I thought I would capture that moment in a layout today using "Sandcastle" and the challenge. Enjoy!


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