Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy June 1st!

Wow, June already and only one week left of school for my big boy, than summer reading camp. It just goes by faster and faster. Last night I was making dinner and I started singing, which I often do (It is rubbing off on both boys), and I sang my part from a Song from "Rent". Well, before you know it, I was a blubbering mess. The song totally hit a new feeling for me and the reality of how fast 12 years from those simple days in High school went. to my almost 9 year old, and my soon to be 15 month old. The reality of how fast time moves as a big picture is stunning. This reminds me of how important to my family and myself that each moment captured and put into a page or album is a memory forever.

After dinner, I read to the boys, put them to bed, did my school work, and sat down to scrap the song in my head. I really captured moving pictures of my husband and the kiddos and I caught several with him and our little one. How do you measure a year? For us it is in inches on the wall, in Sundays at the park, in skype conversations on Mondays, in Wednesdays at my moms, in weekly grocery trips, and in weekly spelling tests. Of course there are more moments that measure our year.

How will you measure your year?

I created my 8th LO using 35mm and I think I am going to make card kits for the rest of my goal. I used vellum to type the first bit of the song from rent.

I love the stamp in Brownie and I think I will concentrate on cards to meet the rest of my quota for this kit. I did however create a 3rd LO with the kit.

On another note, today marks my first class at two peas which is "Pieces of Me" and My Studio Calico Class really starts Next week for the "Washi". I am going to get the new Summer Stamp class at Studio Calico!!! Just sayin' Cause you know I love my stamps as much as I love my Vintage buttons. :) 


  1. very, very sweet. it's amazing how these moments just fly by...

  2. Ah! These layouts just make me smile and catch in my throat a little bit. So, so, so beautiful and really full of emotion as well. Good job on conquering that kit...I think I have done only four layouts plus project life spreads...eep! Need to get moving I guess :)

  3. Lately I have been really full of emotion, and I want my pages to reflect that. In 20 years when the boys look at these pages, I want them to feel that emotion and pride. Yes...time + kids = flies faster. xoxo


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