Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Digital Layouts for June at DHD

Here are two layouts I did for DHD challenges. Nothing spectacular, minus the hexagons...which are so much easier digitally, just sayin! I have to cut all of my hexagons out the old manual way lol. Looks like a rainy day here in Orlando, so most likely a quiet project day with mom. I need to get on the band wagon with our Rainy Day Projects. However mom has been busy getting her business going and I branding it lol....Pics soon! Oh pics...products...I know what I am doing today, making my light box! Perfect! Enjoy only 2 days of the big boys school week and year left. Than it is Reading Camp and summer time!



  1. These are both great! I love the layered look of the hexagons!

  2. These are amazing, you are so talented!

  3. I had no idea you were so talented at digi too. You certainly are right about cutting out those hexagons manually. These layouts look so good!

  4. Those are fantastic -- I didn't realize you did digi too! I LOVE the ferris wheel in the first one. :)

  5. Great layouts! You totally rocked the hexagons on both of these!


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