Monday, June 4, 2012

Change and hidden blessings. and a peek...

It has been a weekend my friends.
There have been several ups and downs. I just found out my husband will be coming home. While I am grateful to have him home, it will keep us in our financial upheaval for a little while. There were many things that were left unfinished and I think this will be a great opportunity for our marriage and family. We have some things to work through and I think this was the answer to our prayers. I have found that you can walk, look, and go through life with two attitudes. I choose to go fighting hard for what I believe in, nurturing the ones I love, and finding optimism in the dismal. While there will be some set backs my hubby will be finishing up his contract with the National Guard and working towards Active Duty Army. He is also going to start college. These are great steps forward for him and for our family. I could choose to be mad at what has landed on the table or I can choose to be thankful for the lessons I am about to learn.

In other news I have the beginning of my Pieces of Me project to share with you today. If you already have seen these, you will notice that the pictures are more true to life. I was in a hurry the day I posted these and uploaded the wrong pictures *OOPS* so here is what I have so far enjoy and have a great Monday.



  1. sending you hugs and prayers and positive vibes my friend..
    i am not taking the class, but i plan to make an album about me soon!!! very soon! thank you for the inspiration.


  2. lots of positive vibes coming your way. Great start on your album!

  3. Thank you ladies, I was never a person to be an angry person, then for a few years I was ugly angry. I have been popping those angry bubbles and feel better about how I try to approach even the biggest challenges. In everything we must love and hope, it is what in the end keeps us floating. xoxo


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