Saturday, June 9, 2012

Adventures in Bran's Scrappy Space Day 2

Hi Friends!
 Hope your weekend is fairing well. I have been a busy little scrapper working on projects all over the place. Here we are day 2 of the tour through my 7ftX12ft scrappy space. Remember the space to my direct left? Well that houses a variety of fun bins for storage and the counter top is my work-space. It is an IKEA bookshelf turned on its side. All of the bins were about $2.50 a piece in the Target cheap bins.

 This is Betty my Remington Streamliner, I picked her up from esty for a total of $85 (including shipping) in perfect condition. The cheapest in store ugly versions were starting at $140. so I got something beautiful, vintage which I love, and cheap! She was my Mother's day present :). For me, I love to type, love the click clack and the beautiful way the type looks, you just can't get that quite right in the digital process, might be I just love the indents that the type makes. This is at the furthest end of my workspace and is the last element to my pages...always.

This little $2.50 bin from Target has compartments is small and great for portable projects. Usually this is filled with the odds and ends of my current class. Right now I am taking the "Pieces of Me" class over at 2peas.

Next up are all of my journal cards from all different companies. My go to are the grid cars from Project Life. I haven't started Project Life in fact I will give my hand at a Summer Life album and go from there.

Here are my currents. In the front are the Current months kits. Next are the current class kits, then one month back of kits and classes. Finally a kit or collection I am currently loving on.

My beautiful candy. I mean washi..yeah eye candy for sure. I play with my washi everyday.

My scrap basket. All of my scraps go here so I can use them until they are gone. Check out scrappyjedi for some neat ideas on using up your scraps.

This fun bin is full of bits of inspiration and things I want to use somewhere in my layouts. There are things from my kids, hubby, daily life and some various mediums and textures to work with.

This bin holds extra stuff that I want to scrap with ect.

This bin holds Dollar Tree buys, like books to alter, mini binders to turn into albums, different paper mediums, cardboard cereal boxes for fonts ect.

This basket hold anything that has ever come from SC that is a paper, sticker, alpha, or other embellishment. I still have to sort these into my dedicated storage areas.

This is the final bin on this side and it currently holds all of the memorabilia from our 2 week trip to Washington DC last summer. I finally have an idea of how I want to make the album, as this can never be a rushed project and I was truthfully a little overwhelmed with the bulk of it.

Well, friends, that is it for today's tour. Be sure to note that I will have a future separate segment on my stamp storage. I am pretty proud of it :)


  1. this look inside your studio is fascinating. So many great ideas and target finds! I keep my washi in a divided box from Target, but it is already overflowing. Your glass candy container is so cute for washi!

  2. Love seeing how you store things, Brandy! Could you tell me where you got the plastics for your kits and what brand they are? They look perfect for holding kit stuff together. Thanks!

  3. Niki, no problem, I use my 40% coupons at Hobby Lobby. I go in with my hubby and big boys so we can each make a purchase. The colorful page planners are by paper studio, there are three in a pack and about 5 bucks with the coupon give or take. I have clear ones by paper studio that are good for holding paper, stickers, ect. :)


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