Friday, June 8, 2012

Adventures in Bran's 7X12 Scrappy/Office Space: Day 1

Hello my Friends!
I love...LOVE...looking at crafty work-spaces...and wish I could have that amount of room dedicated to my crafty world. Reality is however, I don't. My crafty space is my office hub for the house, my online school classroom space, and my scrapping place. My space shares room with several entities and so I have to keep it, and inspiring. I have a 7ft X 12ft space dedicated just for that. It is modular, yet eye candy to me. I need high visual impact and clean spaces to be creative, if there is too much chaos, I shut down until it is clean. Here take a peek...
Ah Hi My happy place in the middle of it all
Really guys here is the LO out of my living area it is about 16ft-ish X 22ft and it houses the living room/ TV area, Our dining room, Breakfast bar, game station, doors to the boys rooms and bathrooms, the kitchen and my space pictured above. In reality the space is small, however, keeping it compact, allows me to get more functionality and ope floor-plan look below:
I put the blocks of furniture in there but overall there is a lot of floor space for traffic and the kids to play.
That pretty view up there is from my front door and what you will be greeted with when you walk into my home. It has to be clean always, just like my bathroom, you never know when someone will be into visit and I just can't close a door and hide it all.

Today marks the beginning of the tour into my space that little spot up top with the orange blocks of furniture. My hopes: to encourage those of you with small crafty spaces to make them your own. After all we have to have a space of our own, because everything else is claimed by the family. :)

 This is the straight on view into my space. 2 things about me: highly visual and highly hands on. When I look into my has to be clean. Everything has to be grouped together in a way that visually sparks my creative juices. When I look into my space I see my workflow. I will go into further detail of each section through the next few days.

When I sit at my desk this is what I see to my direct left. I have journal cards, current SC kits, current classes, and 1 month of a past SC kit and a current favorite personal selection that rotates...Always!

This is at my desk space I have all of my washi, inks, misters, ribbons, thread, date stamps, right here, along with a cup of writing utensils. Always organized always grouped together, however, the rotation of current colors changes to what I am working on currently.

This is to my direct right. This space holds my current albums, photos, card-stock mediums, office technology, office supplies, kits I would like to dig into, and rainy day projects.

This is at my desk station. There are magazine boxes that help move the family paper traffic, school info, and more. This space also houses all of our holiday movies and my cookbooks.

This lovely beauty is in front of me sort of mostly. I have all of my little bits and pieces in here, veneers, twine, and more.

I hope you enjoyed day one come back soon for day 2. :)


  1. You know... you made awesome use out of that space!

    1. Thank you! It took a while to get to this lol. It is my favorite spot in the house, I can be right there with my kids and they can be interactive with my crafts too. (Found some punches in my sons room lol)

  2. I have a space about the same size, it keeps getting smaller. We have the same printer too:)

    1. This printer is of the best purchases I have made. :)

  3. Love what you did with a small space!! I really need to redo my space, but it is small too. You have some great storage ideas here. :)

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