Sunday, May 6, 2012

Patience used to have it need to remember it

So I should have waited until natural light this morning to take pictures of my cards, I know this as a photographer, as an anxious scrapper, not so much. Here are pictures of the cards from yesterday that look so much better. Just click on the images and open them in a new tab to see them better trying to keep it graphic diet :).


  1. Lovely cards! I love the kraft background and all the stitching.

  2. I think you actually did a really good job yesterday too, wish I had your secret for indoor photography. I rephotographed my nsd layout today but forgot to change the iso after my supermoon photo attempts. Oh well, there is always tomorrow. I love what you did with these cards. The rocket age cards are my favorite.

  3. Aw thanks...sometimes I am my own worst critic, I loved both photo sets, but I love taking my pictures outside in natural light. Inside it takes quite a bit of fiddling and knowing how to use my programs to change some of the affects of late night photography :)


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