Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nostalgia in Digital??!!!

I love to scrap and I love having the option to do physical, digital, and hybrid scrapping. What I really love is being able to scrap with a kit that is both physical and digital. I mean we all know how must we invest into our pages. I love My Minds Eye's newest Nostalgia kit, but with money a little tighter right now as we transition in many aspects of our lives, I just could not justify buying the whole line, I did get a 6X6 paper pad however. Well, today I went on a digital blog tour to capture letters that would create a coupon code for a free digital kit "Retrospective" from Design House Digital follow the link for details you have until 5/8/12 :). So I happened to also look at the shop which I haven't done in a while and I should, but there it was Nostalgia as a full digital kit or components, but there was also a Nostalgia two with even more, I picked up the both on sale for $11.50 and went straight to playing. Normally these kits are combined total at $22.98...if you love the option of digital get there before the sale ends. If you however love the feel of papers and elements you can purchase Nostalgia from various online retailers :).
Here is what they look like:

I haven't played with two yet but I did play with Nostalgia and created to pages and my own PL cards :). This kit makes me want to create digital kits again...

As I have gone back to explore my paper trails, you know the make a mess all over lol real physical scrapping...I find myself struggling...I almost feel as though my pages are not the quality I want them yet, and so now I am more determined than every to achieve the look of my digital pages...:)
To add in a little hybrid fun I also made some PL cards.

I also had a fun time going through my buttons putting together this custom order of Vintage Buttons I will call it 50's Diner in honor of the theme my customer is going for in her sewing. There are 15 types of buttons with 3 buttons of each type for a total of 45 vintage buttons, these will be listed for $4.00 in the shop soon :)

Have a fantastic day!


  1. beautiful digi kits. Love the layouts that you've made with them.

  2. Sweet! Another digi scrap enthusiast! I love making kits with a vintage touch to them, so Im happy to see someone else appreciates their look as much as I do. I wanted to stop by and thank you for your encouragement toward my weight loss journey, it was so kind of you. I hope you stop by often and we can share in our love of preserving photo memories. btw... you have a great blog here.


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