Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 1 of NSD weekend down: What did you make?

Over at Studio Calico there are awesome challenges going on. Now I have regular LO with pictures to do and that is on my agenda tomorrow, but today I created 5 cards combining all of the criteria for special loved ones in my life.
This first card is for my oldest boy who has truly struggled to like school and have a desire to learn. This past year has been a good year for him, it is the first full year where there was minimal changes in his life and he has been able to learn how to enjoy school. His progress report came in yesterday and his grades really improved as well as getting all S's in behavior. This card is to let him know that school is a fun adventure and I am proud of him.
Challenge Criteria in this card are: Graphics and ink. I chose circles and combined it with Geralyn's sketch for a nifty take on the card. I also used powder blue Mister Huey splatters and stamping. Enjoy!

The Second card is for my dad who's birthday is tomorrow. I call him dad e kins :) I chose to incorporate the confetti challenge and Nicole H's Sketch for this card. Enjoy!

The third card is for my mom who's birthday is on Tuesday. Since I am making cards I wont add pictures, but this is based off of the 5 or more picture challenge using Susan W's Sketch. A little bit about this card. The bottom represents a quilt she made me, the butterfly's are water-colored with Mister Huey's. My mom loves to watercolor. The Sequins represents all of the bubbles we have watched float over the years (yes we still sit out on the back porch and blow bubbles). The butterfly is special as our relationship has grown and changed over the years we have always adapted and grown closer. Enjoy!

The forth card is for my long time friend who's birthday is later this month. I used the triangle challenge and Davine's Sketch for this card. She is the godmother of both of my boys and I have known her for 17 years now. Wow...never thought about it before it feels like yesterday...enjoy!

The fifth card is for my hubby. I used the alpha stamp and ink challenge combined with Kelly P's sketch. May 29 he leaves for over a year and I always tuck a farewell something in his bags. When he gets to where he is going he has me there with him when he arrives. No matter where he goes, how he gets there, as long as he knows he is loved, he is home. Enjoy!

There is a ton of product in use here:
Studio Calico: Abroad Papers, Take Note Papers, Mr. Huey's, Stamps, Veneers (Get em!)
Versafine Black ink, Prima Chalk Inks, Sewing Machine, Sequines
October Afternoon: Rocketman
Airmail washi

Now I am going to take another picture of my desk (Now Diningroom table) and clean up grab my sketches and decide on my actual LO's for tomorrow, oh yeah and give love in the gallery, post pictures in gallery, visit blogs that posted that I haven't been to yet. Ok yeah, I still have a list, time for coffee :)

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  1. Those cards are so beautiful, I really love the colours and textures that you've used. Looks like you've had a really productive day!


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