Saturday, May 26, 2012

Catch up!

I have been a busy lady over the past few weeks between school, family, and other activities. I just wanted to share an outfit that I actually sewed! I recently purchased a clearance pair of red sandal wedges from Urban Outfitters and wanted some fun shorts and summer top to go with them. I purchased Iris from Colette Patterns and got the digital version. I also went through my stash and found a simplicity top that I liked. I decided because I don't have enough time (enter sarcasm here) that I would sew this in a nice challenging gauze like fabric and a red gabardine for the shorts. I love them, but I will go down a size on both patterns for they were just a bit generous or I lost weight magically overnight :) Anyways I am please with the look. We also have taken on two baby kitties, been to Busch Gardens for our military free day, been to boat races on the beach, and a Bon Voyage party today for my hubby. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the past two weeks. :)



  1. Happy Memorial Day to you and a big thank you to you and your family for all that you do.

    You look great in your new outfit, definitely skinny :) Looks likes a lot of fun.

    1. Thank you! And we are proud to serve our country and all of the wonderful people in it :)


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