Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Winner is......*UPDATED*

Tinkerbeth Send me an email, the lovely Cassi managed to acquire some orange tape for herself and is giving her gift to the next winner!
1. Cassi       
2. Tinkerbeth    <-----------Cassi Has passed her gift to you!
3. Cannycrafter  
4. Kathy    
5. Rosalie
6. Lauren  
7. Clairetet  
8. Patty  
9. Danielle H-Brown  
10. Brianna Byman    
11. Nitasha  
12. Marcy
13. Theelfqueen  
14. Barb C  
15. Kelly in Canada  
16. House of Pinheiro  
17. forsara  
18. Anna  
19. Caroline  
20. Jettegad
21. Taraleclaire

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it's so pretty and makes me think of delicious creamsicles and beautiful sunsets. it also happens to my dear friend's fav color, i would love to make her some awesome cards with this! thanks for the chance to win, as my target nor others in my area have this color!
Everyone thanks for entering! It was fun to see how this color inspires you!

Cassi email me at  bransbrainiacdesigns (at) gmail (dot) com

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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