Friday, March 16, 2012

The Rainy Day Box Vol. 1 Issue 4

Wednesday mom and I set about working on our March word bird and we decided to decorate pots for our word birds to be in. The project was fun and I enjoyed ripping and gluing paper and trying new stamping techniques. I stamped right onto the pot itself and sprayed a matte finish over the whole thing. I was truly inspired my stamps which I received. I really am enjoying my minds eye stamps and so far have developed a great stash of them. I have found over the years that I just love to stamp, however my creative mojo just wouldn't come unblocked. It was not until I had the chance to be a SAHM again that the creativity began to flow. Here are some quick pictures. I plan on scrapping today in between the chaos of my accounting class which has pretty much de-railed my life in a good way. I am discovering so much about finance that I wish I had known a long time :). I am also getting ready to finalize some business things and than my shop will be back into full swing. I truly wanted to branch out into new ventures but needed the formalities first. My word bird truly fits me this month as I am in search of peace among the chaos my hubbies accident has brought into our home...all I ask ever is that when the dust settles we will be ok, and that I hope everything will be ok for maybe just a few little extra prayers in there will make sure everything ends peacefully...
Word birds and pots

mom's word bird

my word bird

mom's pot

my pot
Cheers everyone!


  1. Hope you're all fit and well soon! x The birds look lovely!

  2. These are adorable little pots. A perfect spring project. Hopefully you have a little less chaos ASAP.

  3. oh my gosh!! amazing!!! thinking of you and sending CALM vibes. :)


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