Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Rainy Day Box Vol. 1 Issue 3

Hello Everyone!
It has been a busy week here at our home. Preparing for the little one's 1st birthday party on Sunday. He turns one on Tuesday next week :) I received my statistics grade and it was an A and now my world is everything accounting. I actually like the class, however, I only have a digital version of the book and I would much rather have a physical book to reference.
Yesterday I spent the morning out in the yard raking up leaves and mowing the grass. I don't mind yard work when the weather is comfortable and yesterday it was certainly perfect for it. I also received my March kits from Studio Calico and rotated my kits and began on a layout for my oldest by. This should be done tomorrow.
As you all know Wednesday's are spent with mom and I was lucky to have my brother, daddy, and husband with us tonight too. Very rare we ever are at the house at the same time for dinner. I made the copy cat chicken nuggets and waffle fries it was a hit and even better with the peanut oil.
I discovered that not only does my oldest boy loathe coconut he has a valid reason too as he had something with coconut in it last night and has been sick all day. He is finally done I think and resting...poor kid.
The baby kept me up last night with a fever..the poor baby has four molars coming in at once.

I went and kidnapped my mom's book to make my rainy day project, mom has to wait to do hers. I chose one of my mom holding me on her lap swinging next to my older brother. She says I was about 20 months in the picture and it was before my older brother really started his battle with Leukemia. It was a lovely project and we giggled and laughed, cried, and just re-opened the photo albums she has hidden in her closet for years. I am so happy with how much better and stronger she can face things now. If you have ever been the person trying to help a person piece themselves back together, you know how good those small successes are. :)
Here is  a better look at the picture.

Now that we have embarked down a trip to memory lane. Yesterday my hubby snapped pictures of me in the yard and today I found a picture of me nearly 2 years old with a rake. The one thing that made me laugh from my toes....I am still shorter than the rake at 30 :)
Here take a peek.

Well, That is it for now. I have so much to do so little time :)

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  1. I love old photos.. That's so funny and cute at same time xx


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