Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One Year ago today: March 13, 2011

I held you in my arms for the first time...and I was smitten! All I could think of was how we got there, all the cancer struggles, being a single mom, and finally finding your daddy. You are Joy, you embody every aspect of the word and combine with your brother who is the light of my life...I spend every day in the joyous light of my children. I am happy and sad, one year down so fast...but with so many accomplishments my beautiful child. How will you ever know what emotion you bring to my heart? How will you ever know how much you are loved? How will you ever know how much you have healed my broken heart? Oh my beautiful sweet, joyful baby boy, I love you everyday, more and beyond.... Happy First birthday!
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Happy 1st Birthday!


  1. He is such an adorable lil boy! Happy birthday :)

  2. So, so sweet!! I hope he has a fabulous birthday!


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