Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Rainy Day Box: Vol.1 Issue 2.A

Been busy working on little projects around the house, my hubby is off to drill this weekend so another quiet weekend for me. I have however been busy creating the first part of the tutorial for the Little Envelope Books :) To be on here by today sometime :). For now I will show you the progress my mom and I have made on ours :)
Our Little Envelope Books
My Cover and 1st pocket

My Opening Flap

My 2nd pocket

My 3rd pocket

Mom's Cover and 1st Pocket

Mom's Last Pocket

Mom's 2nd Pocket


  1. These are very sweet! I never do minis but I always admire them!

  2. Thank you ladies! I have been so distracted today with worrying about friends and relatives and bloggers that I have been slow to work on the tutorial for the construction working on it now :)


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