Sunday, March 11, 2012

A first Birthday Party!

The party was a great hit as we celebrated our little boy's first birthday party under the big top :). Very shy at first as all of the guests arrived but soon let go of his stage-fright and became the star of his show. He enjoyed many gifts of which one was a camera so he could be like mommy and the other some very great tag junior books! What can I say I want my children to enjoy reading and being young is the best time to start. We had corn dogs with tater tots and lots of goodies. We had lollipops and cotton candy which I designed labels for. The best part was the cake in which we all enjoyed the sweet moment of his first cake! Here are some of the pictures from the big event have a great weekend everyone!

24 mini cakes with fondant...worth it!

Here is the cake I made for my big star!

Hmm not sure about the gifts but the bag is cool!

everyone eats cake with their toes too!

Now I have only slept about 5 hours since Thursday and I just finished a quiz and process these few pictures. Until next time...Cheers!


  1. super, super cute!! congrats on a great party and a one year old!! :)

  2. He is precious! It looks like you had a great time and your pictures are fabulous.


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