Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A giveaway!

Yesterday I ran errands as I usually do after a hectic weekend of homework. I went shopping at Target and happened upon the office supply section in which I found printed paper tape...What is that you may ask? Another thing to add to a lot of already accumulating scrappy stuff. They sell them in sets of 4 in 4 select colors and I am finding out not all locations have them and many locations do not have the orange set. So not many of you had the chance to get it, many of you might live overseas and do not have a Target. So today I made a special trip and purchased the Orange/Yellow set of 4 rolls of the printed paper tape. I have already made a project with mine and found that it does not have a sticky residue and worked wonderful for $1.00 for a gracious sized roll! Here is the deal...I have never held a give away here at the Many Adventures of Bran so I figure this would be a great way to get to know some of you. I have one set of orange that has 4 rolls in it that I am giving away to one lucky person. Leave a comment by Saturday @11:59pm EST. I will then choose a lucky winner. In the comment let me know what it is about yellow/orange that inspires you.

I have loved orange for my whole life, I love how it makes me feel, creative and vibrant. I love the colors of Oranges which I cannot have as my body turns it into pure acid which we found out at 6 months old. Orange is the color of creativity, it is also the color I see in happiness. I love all of its hues and how the sunset all over the United States has shown me its glorious marvels. In Idaho, it shimmers like amber sand, in Utah it glimmers like orange topaz in the mountains, in Washington, D.C. if creates a noble glow on the monuments, in Florida it is like liquid golden amber on the ocean, in everywhere I have gone the orange in the sunset highlights beauty that cannot be seen at any other time and is often taken for granted. That is how I am inspired by orange now it is your turn.

Here is the picture showing the orange printed paper tape. Remember you have until Saturday @11:59pm EST.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Rainy Day Box Vol. 1 Issue 4

Wednesday mom and I set about working on our March word bird and we decided to decorate pots for our word birds to be in. The project was fun and I enjoyed ripping and gluing paper and trying new stamping techniques. I stamped right onto the pot itself and sprayed a matte finish over the whole thing. I was truly inspired my stamps which I received. I really am enjoying my minds eye stamps and so far have developed a great stash of them. I have found over the years that I just love to stamp, however my creative mojo just wouldn't come unblocked. It was not until I had the chance to be a SAHM again that the creativity began to flow. Here are some quick pictures. I plan on scrapping today in between the chaos of my accounting class which has pretty much de-railed my life in a good way. I am discovering so much about finance that I wish I had known a long time :). I am also getting ready to finalize some business things and than my shop will be back into full swing. I truly wanted to branch out into new ventures but needed the formalities first. My word bird truly fits me this month as I am in search of peace among the chaos my hubbies accident has brought into our home...all I ask ever is that when the dust settles we will be ok, and that I hope everything will be ok for maybe just a few little extra prayers in there will make sure everything ends peacefully...
Word birds and pots

mom's word bird

my word bird

mom's pot

my pot
Cheers everyone!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One Year ago today: March 13, 2011

I held you in my arms for the first time...and I was smitten! All I could think of was how we got there, all the cancer struggles, being a single mom, and finally finding your daddy. You are Joy, you embody every aspect of the word and combine with your brother who is the light of my life...I spend every day in the joyous light of my children. I am happy and sad, one year down so fast...but with so many accomplishments my beautiful child. How will you ever know what emotion you bring to my heart? How will you ever know how much you are loved? How will you ever know how much you have healed my broken heart? Oh my beautiful sweet, joyful baby boy, I love you everyday, more and beyond.... Happy First birthday!
Day 1
1 Month
2 months
3 Months 
4 Months
5 months
6 months
7 months
8 months
almost 9 months
almost 10 months
10 months old
11 months old
Happy 1st Birthday!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A first Birthday Party!

The party was a great hit as we celebrated our little boy's first birthday party under the big top :). Very shy at first as all of the guests arrived but soon let go of his stage-fright and became the star of his show. He enjoyed many gifts of which one was a camera so he could be like mommy and the other some very great tag junior books! What can I say I want my children to enjoy reading and being young is the best time to start. We had corn dogs with tater tots and lots of goodies. We had lollipops and cotton candy which I designed labels for. The best part was the cake in which we all enjoyed the sweet moment of his first cake! Here are some of the pictures from the big event have a great weekend everyone!

24 mini cakes with fondant...worth it!

Here is the cake I made for my big star!

Hmm not sure about the gifts but the bag is cool!

everyone eats cake with their toes too!

Now I have only slept about 5 hours since Thursday and I just finished a quiz and process these few pictures. Until next time...Cheers!

Friday, March 9, 2012

A scrapbook layout and Pictures

Alright everyone it has been a busy week and it will be an even busier weekend with the birthday celebrations. I have for you a layout featuring March's main kit "Story Hour" from Studio Calico. I decided to try the designer challenge and create a page that embodies tone on tone. This represents a challenging day that my oldest boy recently overcame.

So that will be it until Monday I think as I still have so much to do :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Rainy Day Box Vol. 1 Issue 3

Hello Everyone!
It has been a busy week here at our home. Preparing for the little one's 1st birthday party on Sunday. He turns one on Tuesday next week :) I received my statistics grade and it was an A and now my world is everything accounting. I actually like the class, however, I only have a digital version of the book and I would much rather have a physical book to reference.
Yesterday I spent the morning out in the yard raking up leaves and mowing the grass. I don't mind yard work when the weather is comfortable and yesterday it was certainly perfect for it. I also received my March kits from Studio Calico and rotated my kits and began on a layout for my oldest by. This should be done tomorrow.
As you all know Wednesday's are spent with mom and I was lucky to have my brother, daddy, and husband with us tonight too. Very rare we ever are at the house at the same time for dinner. I made the copy cat chicken nuggets and waffle fries it was a hit and even better with the peanut oil.
I discovered that not only does my oldest boy loathe coconut he has a valid reason too as he had something with coconut in it last night and has been sick all day. He is finally done I think and resting...poor kid.
The baby kept me up last night with a fever..the poor baby has four molars coming in at once.

I went and kidnapped my mom's book to make my rainy day project, mom has to wait to do hers. I chose one of my mom holding me on her lap swinging next to my older brother. She says I was about 20 months in the picture and it was before my older brother really started his battle with Leukemia. It was a lovely project and we giggled and laughed, cried, and just re-opened the photo albums she has hidden in her closet for years. I am so happy with how much better and stronger she can face things now. If you have ever been the person trying to help a person piece themselves back together, you know how good those small successes are. :)
Here is  a better look at the picture.

Now that we have embarked down a trip to memory lane. Yesterday my hubby snapped pictures of me in the yard and today I found a picture of me nearly 2 years old with a rake. The one thing that made me laugh from my toes....I am still shorter than the rake at 30 :)
Here take a peek.

Well, That is it for now. I have so much to do so little time :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

First part of the Little Envelope Book Tutorial

For the PDF go here


To all of my fellow bloggers and readers

I hope you are safe and were spared from the weather, I found it hard to concetrate on anything as I worried about dear friends in the areas that were under warning. We have lit a candle and are praying that you are alive and ok and physically unharmed...
Bran and Family

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Rainy Day Box: Vol.1 Issue 2.A

Been busy working on little projects around the house, my hubby is off to drill this weekend so another quiet weekend for me. I have however been busy creating the first part of the tutorial for the Little Envelope Books :) To be on here by today sometime :). For now I will show you the progress my mom and I have made on ours :)
Our Little Envelope Books
My Cover and 1st pocket

My Opening Flap

My 2nd pocket

My 3rd pocket

Mom's Cover and 1st Pocket

Mom's Last Pocket

Mom's 2nd Pocket