Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Story, a Page, and a List

Hello everyone happy Sunday.
     This weekend my hubby went away for Army stuff and the big boy went to his fathers, so it was just me and the little one. I managed to get my invites done and in the mail. And spent the day yesterday cleaning and scrapping between playing with the baby and trying to keep an eye on the outdoor neighborhood cats. Osiara (O Sy Ra) managed to get herself pregnant before I could nab her and take her to the vet. She is our outdoor cat, or I mean she has claimed us on a her terms basis. Meaning she sleeps on our roof, pesters my male kitties who are fixed thank goodness, asks for food, and will only come into the utility room when it is freezing or raining horribly. Well, she got scratched in her eye and it was becoming infected and I feared she was going to loose it. I called the vet and they told me to pick up an ointment like neosporan the original kind. They said if she trusts you enough she will let you help her. At first she would run all around the house, but the moment I was able to clean her eye and get the ointment on she went and she ate. I think giving me extra words with her tail. Last night she let me hold her and put the ointment on again, and this morning the same. She even let me look at her eye, which is healing...I might have saved it...knock on wood. Of course this means each time I come in I change my shirt and wash myself up to my underarms, because I do not want my baby or cats getting anything. I am hoping to get her fixed after she has this litter. I adore her she reminds me of me a lot...good and bad she has been a unique mirror for me.
I did scrap a physical page last night for week 4 Studio Calico challenge. It is my first ever physical challenge. I am upset with my title however as it came out crooked, I set the letters and everything was going well until I dropped the g and it stuck sigh. However, I had fun sewing and came up a whole slew of new ideas for my next set of pages...which I sketch in photoshop first to get a feel, which usually changes many times along the way...Here are the pictures.
overall I am pleased, can't really do much about the placement of get

Now onto the supply list and description of what we are making on Wednesday for our rainy day box project.
I am using:
8 no.6 coin envelopes which are 3-3/8" by 6in but choose your own size I found mine at staples
8 no. 5 manila tags which are 4-3/4" by 2-3/8" but choose your own size as long as it is smaller than your envelope I also found mine at Staples
At least 4 but always more sheets of your favorite coordinating paper I am using Emma's Shoppe by Crate Paper
A list of favorite quotes or inspirational thoughts, words, ect
stamps, ink, cutting mat, scissors, adhesives, paint, thread, needle, piercing tool or sewing machine.
your favorite insect or animal
I think that should sum up what you will need.
We are making an inspirational book for ourselves with words that motivate us, empower us, cheer us up, and more.

Well, That is all for this lovely Sunday, I have a final Statistics Paper with my name all over it...that  I have been dreading....


  1. Awww, hope kitty gets better soon!

    I really like the pages you've done. I don't think I would have noticed the 'get' wasn't quite on the same angle as the other words unless you'd pointed it out.

    Hope the statistics paper goes well!

  2. Beautiful page! I think the title is perfect!


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