Thursday, February 23, 2012

Someone is Turning 1 soon!!!

Good Evening Everyone!

What a day...many ups a couple downs, but productive. Lets get those downers out of the way, the hubby got into a car accident today, he is fine, but Alice our car is in need of spa therapy. The baby fell and bumped his noggin but he too is ok. Now onto the good stuff...

My little one turns 1 on the 13th next month and I decided a few months back that it was going to be a circus theme. So today I got busy with my scanner and my photoshop program and created the parts for his invitations. They are adorable! I am biased however. In the spirit of Dr. Suess, I have created a circus theme around his book "If I ran the Circus" a book full of playful spirit and big imagination which really fits my little tyke. Below is the digital version followed by the physical version. Lots of exact-o cutting lol but worth every detail.
Digital Version of the card

Now it is time to start my statistics homework for the evening so the list I had hoped to create for you today will be put off, no worries here. They are simple enough and the project is yours to do whenever you like. If I am lucky however I might update this post later :)
P.S. Hard to believe he is going to be 1!!! I adore that little munchkin eek:)


  1. Oh my!! This is just too too cute!! Great invite!!

  2. Brandy! This is absolutely adorable!! I love it!

  3. Thank you! I can't wait to mail them out :)


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