Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Rainy Day Box. Volume 1 Issue 1

When I was a little girl I had a favorite box that my mom created for me. The Rainy Day Box. She created this box out of love and a way to keep me busy on those rainy days. Until I was four years old there were many "rainy" days as my oldest brother fought for his life with Leukemia and lost the battle January 29, 1986. My mom always a creative person and the person who taught me how to find my inner release from the pain of losing my brother; was lost in herself. In retrospect,  my mom said that it was I "who with my love of life in my happy little bouncing bubble of joy" saved her from giving up when he passed away. Through the years my always creative mom began hiding away her treasure trove of crafts and feelings of personal expression until last year when she began to feel and learn how to acknowledge my older brothers passing and finally talk about it. As a child I had so many questions about him and I wanted to talk about how I missed him; that I never understood why she would not want to remember him by talking about him. Nothing hurts more as a child than to not be able to make your parent feel better even more so when they are your hero. I think of my two boys big and small and the fear of ever losing them makes me so empty inside that I am reminded of my older brother and I make every moment count like cherished raindrops to a withering garden.
When she acknowledged that pain I was there for her, holding her hand, I wanted to be able to help her become the woman she once was, creative, healing, so so wise. She finished her doctorate, began her etsy shop making natural remedies, and because I was sewing I brought her with me to the craft store, my fondest childhood memories. Watching her take a piece of flat fabric and making me the most beautiful dresses I had ever worn in the mud...(which she lovingly laughs at now). Watching her touch the fabric and a shimmer of light not unfamiliar to me brightened in her eyes. So she began sewing clothes for herself and I designed her shop Logo and Branding images. I gave up many of the things I was doing towards the end of the year to give her that fuel she get her through the holidays and his death. This year was the first year she made it through the holidays without being deeply blue or sad. Serene and calm, accepting and loving. Now we have been working on being creative together and I cry because that little girl inside of me, who remembers watching my mom disappear all those years ago to a pain that I could never understand, had her mom sitting across that table doing arts and crafts from our new rainy day box.
We want to share together the passion of creativity in that special bond and with you  my fellow bloggers. So without further ado, I urge you to join us in our journey into "The Rainy Day Box".

We created a project earlier in the week from the latest Cloth.Paper.Scissors magazine. They were word birds and adorable little birds. The idea is to create a bird with a focus word or words. We have decided to make a new one each month and we will have a DIY of our own to go along with that in a few weeks.

We have one for you today from their website that is a free project which you can access here. The idea is to take an envelope and alter it into anything that inspires us and fill it with the 52 prompts provided in the PDF download. These are great little creative inspirations to help motivate that creative juice. Here are our takes on the project. My mom did a lovely vintage looking envelope gorgeous!!! I painted a memory from my childhood in Utah when I was 4 of my Great Grandmas Cherry Orchard. The other side is a old luggage bag that I kick myself for not buying....sigh! Enjoy! Tip: T make longer lasting prompts we backed them with thick card-stock and mod podge.
Mom's :)

Mine except for the inside view of moms :)

I will be back tomorrow with a project list for a DIY I will be doing with my mom next week, I will share all of the goodies with you .


  1. Those birds are really pretty and those envelopes are such a good idea! My mind is racing as to what I can put on mine! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Thank you a bunch! If all I can ever do in life for others is inspiration..I will do my best :)

  3. Oh, Bran. This is such a moving post! I am so glad this is going so beautifully!!


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