Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I want...the list that grows and a Card

Good Afternoon my fellow readers!

Let me just say yesterday was my first pre-sale for Studio Calico...holy ninja Giaden fingers...you know the game from Nintendo from like the 90's that I personally was obsessed over that you had to literally have Ninja fingers to even beat the boss at the end. The game in which I had to turn over my allowance to buy a new remote because I played the tar out of that game just trying to beat that boss and I loved the game soundtrack.
However, I was fortunate to get the kits I wanted this time around.

My I want list has grown tremendously, a typewriter, a studio, new lenses for my camera, and a cameo...

In other news I finished my statistics paper and decided today would be a lazy day. Than I decided to get started on my hubbies gift before he leaves on his next 2 year tour. I am making him cards and putting them in a package in his rucksack :)

Here is the first card for him, just simple and easy from the Daydream Believer kit from last month at Studio Calico.

So I am off to relax and crochet today and maybe watch a movie with hubby and the kiddos.


  1. Gorgeous card for your hubby. My goodness, 2 years is a long time...

    Yesterday was my first pre-sale at SC, too. It was nuts!


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