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Guest Blogger: Allison Brooks from Musings of a Curious Mind

Good Evening Everyone!

       Here we are 10 days into February and only 4 days away from Valentine’s Day. I have quite a few projects to share with you over the next few days. Tonight however, I have a guest blogger for you; Allison Brooks.

          My name is Allie and I am a fun-loving, adventurous being. I went to school to become a biomedical anthropologist and ever since graduation that has consumed my life. I normally write about natural health and such but ever since my boyfriend got word that he will deploy soon, I have been in this kick to write about how to manage life and all the little things it likes to throw at you. I recently started a blog of my own. It is very new but it is called Musings of a Curious Mind.

Keeping Love Alive:

When You Lover Is Stationed Away From Home

       Marriage can be an exciting journey, but it can also be a challenge. For the spouses and lovers of servicemen it can be an even greater challenge. They often have to keep the romance alive while their spouses are away from home on active duty. There are many ways to do this.

       First of all, you must hold in your mind and heart the love you have for that person. Keep it always foremost in your mind. Think of the wonderful times you shared in the past and your plans for a future together. Let this love and joy be your guide.

       Communication is the key to keeping love alive. Either through Skype, long distance calls, or even FaceTime with the new iPhones, keeps the communication lines open. Also, send your spouse love notes regularly. Let them know you are always thinking of them. Share with them things you know will make them smile. Send them pictures of happy times you shared and keep those pictures in your presence as well. They will help to guide your thinking. Think of the things your lover does that you like; mention them when you write to them while they are deployed. Keep mementos from your spouse near you. Reread the letters they have sent to you. It will help you to feel their presence.

       Another important way to keep your love light on is to stay away from negative influences. There are people who seem to get a thrill out of sowing seeds of doubt into the minds of people whose lovers are away. Stay away from these people like the plague. They can make it more difficult for you to focus on the love of your life. Instead surround yourself with people who will support you, keep your mood positive and encourage you to think positive thought about your lover who is away. That way you won't feel isolated and you will enjoy yourself safely until your love comes home.

While it is good to go out and enjoy yourself and keep yourself happy and entertained until your loved one comes home, it is important to stay away from temptation. You are human and you may be vulnerable at certain times. Choose your companions carefully and stay away from people you may have been romantically involved with in the past. Stay away from places where you are likely to get intoxicated and make decisions you will regret.

Above all keep your mind on the joy of being with the one you love.

       Thank you so much Allison for sharing your thoughts and advice! Being a military wife has it's challenges and keeping that spark is most important. You all know that I spent last year without my husband, gave birth to our son, and managed the home-front on my own. If it were not for advances in technology to help us stay in contact, he would have missed watching his baby grow. Here we are this year preparing for him to leave again, this time however it looks like it will be for two years. When I read this article it reminded me of what I was already preparing for.

Have a great night and I will be back to share some projects with you over the weekend.
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  1. Thanks for such thoughtful post Allie, I can only imagine how hard it can be for both parts.

    Bran , Hun. I hope you really enjoy your time before the next challenge and know that are many people here in the bogland that wish you the best. Xx

  2. xoxo It is all of you here in BlogLand that remind me what I am fighting for :)!! Thanks!

  3. No doubt about that, communication can only keep the love alive and for that long distance calls can be really helpful.


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