Monday, February 20, 2012

A bit of this and that

You know the filler in life that keeps us pretty busy. So I have re-opened a new/old adventure in scrapbooking. For many years I designed my own digital kits and still love the feel of digital scrapbooking, however, my creative inner-muse wants to feel those papers and stretch that artistic side for a bit. So I purged this week and re-organized and now my hubby laughs at all of my different craft corners...I need a craft workshop or studio :). I have a yarn corner, a sewing corner, a scrapping corner, and a reading corner.  All in separate rooms in the house...sigh...I need my own room :)

Note to self: when I get where I am going to be for a long time, build a studio. I would have a studio that had windows on all sides and a beautiful garden: join me in garden dreaming all of these are found all over the web and are not my own pictures but hey great inspiration!

My favorite Place to visit beautiful gardens is Bok Tower gardens in Lake Wales FL. The pictures below are mine and I am dying to go as it is peek blooming season right now!
Sigh...This is also the first date my hubby and I went on when he came back from his 1st tour overseas and this is where he told me he knew I was the one and that he would do everything to be able to spend the rest of his life walking through gardens with me as I took pictures. "The beauty in your admiration for the world around you has captured my soul forever" said my hubby....Might have to pull out this disc and scrap a page....

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