Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I want...the list that grows and a Card

Good Afternoon my fellow readers!

Let me just say yesterday was my first pre-sale for Studio Calico...holy ninja Giaden fingers...you know the game from Nintendo from like the 90's that I personally was obsessed over that you had to literally have Ninja fingers to even beat the boss at the end. The game in which I had to turn over my allowance to buy a new remote because I played the tar out of that game just trying to beat that boss and I loved the game soundtrack.
However, I was fortunate to get the kits I wanted this time around.

My I want list has grown tremendously, a typewriter, a studio, new lenses for my camera, and a cameo...

In other news I finished my statistics paper and decided today would be a lazy day. Than I decided to get started on my hubbies gift before he leaves on his next 2 year tour. I am making him cards and putting them in a package in his rucksack :)

Here is the first card for him, just simple and easy from the Daydream Believer kit from last month at Studio Calico.

So I am off to relax and crochet today and maybe watch a movie with hubby and the kiddos.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Hoping this is not any indicator...

So upon going outside to take pictures this morning my butterfingers dropped my SD card...which proceeded to acrobat itself into a crack in the deck...I an hour trying to remove the nails from the boards with no luck...what this indicates is that I am glad I bought a new SD card this weekend and that I removed the pictures I really wanted from the card last night. I hope this is not an indicator at pre-sale time that I will butterfinger myself out of the kits I hope to purchase at Studio Calico lol. C'est La Vie...it was on its way out 4 years of fantastic use all the prongs missing from it, I truly used this SD card for over 25,000 pictures.

Now onto some good stuff...I lifted a page by Marcy Penner for a challenge. The page I lifted was "Always Remember".

The Kit: Brooklyn Fleamarket
Techniques: Paint, mist, cutting, gluing, punching
Process: I began with my vanilla background from the kit and splattered paint and the Mister Hueys
I created my cluster:
by cutting various sized papers
I punched my tag
cut up a heart doily to make the circle flower
used various stickers and a heart doily
I layered up the cluster starting with the brown/black flower paper with lined paper, put the colored flower paper next, then my tag and doil4 along with my hidden journaling
I matted my picture and glued just enough on the side where I wanted it attached
I then used my piercing tool on cork-board and punched my sewing holes and went about hand sewing the top picture to the cluster
I embellished with a few extra pieces and attached my cluster to the background
I cut a strip and placed it at the top with hand journaling.

Now I sit and wait for the pre-sale and finish finalizing my statistic paper which I had to take a break from.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Story, a Page, and a List

Hello everyone happy Sunday.
     This weekend my hubby went away for Army stuff and the big boy went to his fathers, so it was just me and the little one. I managed to get my invites done and in the mail. And spent the day yesterday cleaning and scrapping between playing with the baby and trying to keep an eye on the outdoor neighborhood cats. Osiara (O Sy Ra) managed to get herself pregnant before I could nab her and take her to the vet. She is our outdoor cat, or I mean she has claimed us on a her terms basis. Meaning she sleeps on our roof, pesters my male kitties who are fixed thank goodness, asks for food, and will only come into the utility room when it is freezing or raining horribly. Well, she got scratched in her eye and it was becoming infected and I feared she was going to loose it. I called the vet and they told me to pick up an ointment like neosporan the original kind. They said if she trusts you enough she will let you help her. At first she would run all around the house, but the moment I was able to clean her eye and get the ointment on she went and she ate. I think giving me extra words with her tail. Last night she let me hold her and put the ointment on again, and this morning the same. She even let me look at her eye, which is healing...I might have saved it...knock on wood. Of course this means each time I come in I change my shirt and wash myself up to my underarms, because I do not want my baby or cats getting anything. I am hoping to get her fixed after she has this litter. I adore her she reminds me of me a lot...good and bad she has been a unique mirror for me.
I did scrap a physical page last night for week 4 Studio Calico challenge. It is my first ever physical challenge. I am upset with my title however as it came out crooked, I set the letters and everything was going well until I dropped the g and it stuck sigh. However, I had fun sewing and came up a whole slew of new ideas for my next set of pages...which I sketch in photoshop first to get a feel, which usually changes many times along the way...Here are the pictures.
overall I am pleased, can't really do much about the placement of get

Now onto the supply list and description of what we are making on Wednesday for our rainy day box project.
I am using:
8 no.6 coin envelopes which are 3-3/8" by 6in but choose your own size I found mine at staples
8 no. 5 manila tags which are 4-3/4" by 2-3/8" but choose your own size as long as it is smaller than your envelope I also found mine at Staples
At least 4 but always more sheets of your favorite coordinating paper I am using Emma's Shoppe by Crate Paper
A list of favorite quotes or inspirational thoughts, words, ect
stamps, ink, cutting mat, scissors, adhesives, paint, thread, needle, piercing tool or sewing machine.
your favorite insect or animal
I think that should sum up what you will need.
We are making an inspirational book for ourselves with words that motivate us, empower us, cheer us up, and more.

Well, That is all for this lovely Sunday, I have a final Statistics Paper with my name all over it...that  I have been dreading....

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Someone is Turning 1 soon!!!

Good Evening Everyone!

What a day...many ups a couple downs, but productive. Lets get those downers out of the way, the hubby got into a car accident today, he is fine, but Alice our car is in need of spa therapy. The baby fell and bumped his noggin but he too is ok. Now onto the good stuff...

My little one turns 1 on the 13th next month and I decided a few months back that it was going to be a circus theme. So today I got busy with my scanner and my photoshop program and created the parts for his invitations. They are adorable! I am biased however. In the spirit of Dr. Suess, I have created a circus theme around his book "If I ran the Circus" a book full of playful spirit and big imagination which really fits my little tyke. Below is the digital version followed by the physical version. Lots of exact-o cutting lol but worth every detail.
Digital Version of the card

Now it is time to start my statistics homework for the evening so the list I had hoped to create for you today will be put off, no worries here. They are simple enough and the project is yours to do whenever you like. If I am lucky however I might update this post later :)
P.S. Hard to believe he is going to be 1!!! I adore that little munchkin eek:)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Rainy Day Box. Volume 1 Issue 1

When I was a little girl I had a favorite box that my mom created for me. The Rainy Day Box. She created this box out of love and a way to keep me busy on those rainy days. Until I was four years old there were many "rainy" days as my oldest brother fought for his life with Leukemia and lost the battle January 29, 1986. My mom always a creative person and the person who taught me how to find my inner release from the pain of losing my brother; was lost in herself. In retrospect,  my mom said that it was I "who with my love of life in my happy little bouncing bubble of joy" saved her from giving up when he passed away. Through the years my always creative mom began hiding away her treasure trove of crafts and feelings of personal expression until last year when she began to feel and learn how to acknowledge my older brothers passing and finally talk about it. As a child I had so many questions about him and I wanted to talk about how I missed him; that I never understood why she would not want to remember him by talking about him. Nothing hurts more as a child than to not be able to make your parent feel better even more so when they are your hero. I think of my two boys big and small and the fear of ever losing them makes me so empty inside that I am reminded of my older brother and I make every moment count like cherished raindrops to a withering garden.
When she acknowledged that pain I was there for her, holding her hand, I wanted to be able to help her become the woman she once was, creative, healing, so so wise. She finished her doctorate, began her etsy shop making natural remedies, and because I was sewing I brought her with me to the craft store, my fondest childhood memories. Watching her take a piece of flat fabric and making me the most beautiful dresses I had ever worn in the mud...(which she lovingly laughs at now). Watching her touch the fabric and a shimmer of light not unfamiliar to me brightened in her eyes. So she began sewing clothes for herself and I designed her shop Logo and Branding images. I gave up many of the things I was doing towards the end of the year to give her that fuel she needed...to get her through the holidays and his death. This year was the first year she made it through the holidays without being deeply blue or sad. Serene and calm, accepting and loving. Now we have been working on being creative together and I cry because that little girl inside of me, who remembers watching my mom disappear all those years ago to a pain that I could never understand, had her mom sitting across that table doing arts and crafts from our new rainy day box.
We want to share together the passion of creativity in that special bond and with you  my fellow bloggers. So without further ado, I urge you to join us in our journey into "The Rainy Day Box".

We created a project earlier in the week from the latest Cloth.Paper.Scissors magazine. They were word birds and adorable little birds. The idea is to create a bird with a focus word or words. We have decided to make a new one each month and we will have a DIY of our own to go along with that in a few weeks.

We have one for you today from their website that is a free project which you can access here. The idea is to take an envelope and alter it into anything that inspires us and fill it with the 52 prompts provided in the PDF download. These are great little creative inspirations to help motivate that creative juice. Here are our takes on the project. My mom did a lovely vintage looking envelope gorgeous!!! I painted a memory from my childhood in Utah when I was 4 of my Great Grandmas Cherry Orchard. The other side is a old luggage bag that I kick myself for not buying....sigh! Enjoy! Tip: T make longer lasting prompts we backed them with thick card-stock and mod podge.
Mom's :)

Mine except for the inside view of moms :)

I will be back tomorrow with a project list for a DIY I will be doing with my mom next week, I will share all of the goodies with you .

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chicken Nuggets and a page

So last night we were supposed to grill. I say supposed to as in this person typing left the charcoal outside when it rained earlier in the week. Soggy charcoal that wont light no matter how much you talk to them. No worries, I remembered a blog that I liked that had a recipe for chicken nuggets that I wanted to try. Head on over to My Name is Snickerdoodle for the recipe. They turned out fantastic and a better tasting alternative to a place that we like. My son however the chicken nugget expert wants the crowd to know that he ate 12 pieces all by himself which is a number breaking world record...He is a chicken nugget snob...sheesh. He has requested that this be a new staple in the family night movie or board game activities. Here is a pic of how our turned out :) sided with carrots as this is the big boys favorite over french fries (mine too).

In other news I spent the majority of the day working on a page with one of my Studio Calico kits and I did manage to finish it after all of the natural daylight was gone for the day. However, I have some so so pictures to share until tomorrow. :)
Title: Colorbox Wonder
Date: 02.18.2012 my little one discovering chalk
Kit: Stepping Stone which I won from Diane Payne's giveaway check her blog out here fantastic pages!
Techniques: Stamping, Cutting, Photo editing, sewing, gluing, mounting and piercing.

 That is all for tonight!

Monday, February 20, 2012

A bit of this and that

You know the filler in life that keeps us pretty busy. So I have re-opened a new/old adventure in scrapbooking. For many years I designed my own digital kits and still love the feel of digital scrapbooking, however, my creative inner-muse wants to feel those papers and stretch that artistic side for a bit. So I purged this week and re-organized and now my hubby laughs at all of my different craft corners...I need a craft workshop or studio :). I have a yarn corner, a sewing corner, a scrapping corner, and a reading corner.  All in separate rooms in the house...sigh...I need my own room :)

Note to self: when I get where I am going to be for a long time, build a studio. I would have a studio that had windows on all sides and a beautiful garden: join me in garden dreaming all of these are found all over the web and are not my own pictures but hey great inspiration!

My favorite Place to visit beautiful gardens is Bok Tower gardens in Lake Wales FL. The pictures below are mine and I am dying to go as it is peek blooming season right now!
Sigh...This is also the first date my hubby and I went on when he came back from his 1st tour overseas and this is where he told me he knew I was the one and that he would do everything to be able to spend the rest of his life walking through gardens with me as I took pictures. "The beauty in your admiration for the world around you has captured my soul forever" said my hubby....Might have to pull out this disc and scrap a page....

Saturday, February 11, 2012

DIY: Valentine Scratch off's plus Free Printables

Alright this seems to be the latest fad...scratch off's! I have seen them all over the internet and I must say, I am a sucker for them! Here are some links for other scratch off projects to name a few but not all of them.
They are interactive and fun for the receiver and giver. I settled down with my big boy to work on valentines and found that this was simple and fun for kids to do as well. I have created some free printables for your personal use. The images are originally from the Graphicsfairy and I chose 4 of these darling images to make my scratch offs. Click each Link to be brought to the download. :)

Our Supplies

Writing on the blank cards

Waiting for them to Dry...

Frying ravioli's for a crispy dinner just add Parmesan cheese!
Went outside and blew bubbles

they scratch off...realized we forgot to tape over the wording...
P.S. Tape over the area to be painted before you paint.