Thursday, January 19, 2012


Been busy finalizing a final paper for my marketing class, working on a new journaling element line for scrapbooking, and I managed to get that muslin done for my A-line skirt!! Also been working on my own scrapbook and well just being busy with life. I hope to sew the skirt tomorrow so I can get pictures of it up and I have also been working on a little boys pattern :) which will be my first made pattern yeah!

I left of deciding to use the small sized pattern based on my calculations and it fits in the waist and hips perfectly, however, I noticed there was just way to much fabric for one woman to handle in this skirt for it to look the way it does in the picture. So I combined the small pattern with the x-small pattern by grading down after the base of the pockets to keep that nice fit in the hips, however to much loose fabric in the back still. So I decided to try a technique a friend showed me a few years back by removing extra width in my pattern piece. I will try to document this for you so you can see what I have done. I have to test this out on one more muslin before final fabric cutting.
 yes the pockets are on the outside lol, I just wanted a fit.
 I took off a total of 2 inches and there was still too much fabric.

 See the extra back there, I pinched and pinned until I got the desired look and found my point.
I then marked that point on my pattern and measured out to my side seam and made cuts leaving pivots and adjusted the pattern to take out this extra fabric. I will test this out tomorrow.
Until then Cheers!

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  1. love the fabric choice. cannot wait to see it ready.


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