Thursday, January 12, 2012

Troubleshooting the A-Line skirt

Alright I stole some time to take a first look at the sizing issue with the A-Line skirt from Fabric-by-Fabric One-Yard Wonders.
The Sizing that is referenced in the book is how we are supposed to pick out our pattern size.

XS 23"     S 25"    M 27"    L 29"    XL 31"

Now based on these measurements the pattern is supposed to fit just below the natural waist. Based on these measurements I would need to choose the Large pattern and instead I choose the Medium size which was considerably too large still.

So I took my measuring tools and went at sizing the issue at hand. My medium size pattern in fact finished size will be 34". Wow alright that explains why I took off around 5" from the side seams. So I measured the small pattern and based on my calculations this would be a finished garment size of 30". The extra-small finished garment sized base on the next set of measurements would be about 28". I have decided to go for the small to test my muslin with. If I need to go down a size it will be easier to adjust my pattern this way.

I have chosen my lining fabric and decided to add a nice trim to the bottom of my skirt. I had to go with a gray invisible zipper as this was all that was available. My main skirt fabric is a blue cord it is close to a Copenhagen blue, the lining fabric is cream with pretty little blue designs, the trim is a cream color with a pretty edge.

Up next tracing my pattern pieces and cutting them out, also doing a test muslin. For my muslin I am only cutting out the main parts skirt front, back, waist pieces, and pocket facings, no linings. From here I will troubleshoot the width of the skirt issues as it seems too wide for me.

If you would like to know I am a true petite at 4'11, with a moderate bone structure, larger bust, I have virtually a 1in space between my ribs and hips. I usually prefer patterns that are for the hourglass shape and Triangle or pear shape. I can do either of these and pull them off well. Maybe this will help others who have similar issues


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