Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tips and Finished A-line skirt

***Graphic Heavy Post***
I did manage to finish my a-line skirt Friday, but it has been a long weekend with a baby who is teething and has allergies to the oak that is pollinating the air. I did get some pictures and I have some tips for you. I sewed my muslin incorporating the reduction I took out of the pattern and everything worked like I had hoped. Sewing the skirt is a breeze with the instructions provided you know how to insert a zipper and sew in facings, if not do not fret there are tons of places like Colette patterns, Casey's Elegant Musings, Sewaholic, and more that have great tutorials on how to overcome and learn to sew these elements. I did not add saddle stitching and opted for a lace trim at the hem. I am very please with the fit of the skirt and how well it turned out. My pockets are one of my favorite aspects of my clothing. Here is a peek of the skirt followed by some tips.

Tip 1) When making your muslin write what each piece is marking the backsides so that you do not get confused with which pieces you are using.

Tip 2) I love Freezer paper for my pattern pieces, not only is it sturdy, you can iron it under the wool setting with no moisture to temporarily adhere it to the fabric making cutting a breeze.

Tip 3) Press Press Press, sure the book says it sets the stitches, however the stitches are in there, what it really does is create a professional look.

Tip 4) Pink or finish your seams, this will give your garment longevity especially in the wash.

Tip 5) Leave the pins in where your pockets are not sewn into the seams, this will make sure they stay in place, it also helps to give the pockets a nice pressing so that they lay flat.

Tip 6) Repeat Tip 3 often, again you want a beautiful garment that has a professional qaulity.

Tip 7) Stay stitching the upper edge of the pockets before adding the waistband will ensure that the fabric does not stretch or morph into shapes.

Tip 8) The zipper, it is scary, maybe even a pain in the feet, but it can be done and there are many great resources out there. Try practicing with similar material until you feel more comfortable inserting your zipper.

Tip 9) If you are starting to feel frustrated or tired, STOP!!! Go back to sewing when you have a clear head otherwise you will make mistakes and set yourself up for a sore experience.

If you have questions please leave a message in the comments and I will do my best to help. With that note, now that the baby is resting I am going to crochet and then go to bed. Good Night!



  1. Looks great and wonderful tips! Will pink the edges on things now as don't normally.

  2. The skirt looked so beautiful ! The little details made it special !!!! xx

  3. Rebecca, Thanks a bunch!

    Mimi, I am glad you enjoyed my tips just keep pinking!

    Rachel, Thank you, it is those little details that really make it one of a kind :) xoxo


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