Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Summing up January's List to Do

Make 2 skirts for me (1 Made)
Make 2 tops for me (took me forever to decide) Renfrew from Sewaholic received yesterday eeek! and Taffy from Colette
Finish projects for the baby
Finish projects for the boy
Finish projects for hubby

Make kitchen and dining pretties-make extra to sell (decided to wait til February was uninspired)
write reviews and share tutorials

Yarn Crafts:
Finish crocheting afghan for babies room
Work on grannie squares for the sofa cover
make dishcloths and face clothes/scrubbies-make extra to sell
make baby cute raglan shirt (Some how no longer want to make this)
create tutorials (next month maybe) lol 

DIY: Focus De-clutter and Hide
Work on the sewing room de-clutter and hide materials
De-clutter the utility room

De-cluttered my scrapbook and other supplies too
De-cluttered and tossed or donated about 35 lbs of clothes, books, and filing cabinet stuff

The Shop:
Work on new line of Doll clothing for girls 11" and 9.5" dolls
re-work the vintage button angle
make things for the shop

Keep up with my "Life Imagined" Hybrid scrapbook
share pages and keep motivated

Began project life to make a physical scrapbook

Baking and Cooking:
Try 3 new recipes and share them (oops...life was too busy have pictures though)

Been very busy outside planting and working in the yard and making a vegetable garden yeah!

Wrote a paper
finished and received an A in my marketing class
Began my statistics class which requires a large amount of math that is a riot! Me liking statistic = pigs flying!

Spending time reading to them at night
Helping the big boy improve on his reading
Enjoying the baby move and communicate more everyday

Family time:
Grilled 4 times this month
had 4 family game nights
had 2 family movie nights
had 4 family taco nights
had 1 park outing

This is a summary of last month and I must say I have done pretty well sticking to my goals.  I am currently working on February's list to do. How have you done on your lists?



  1. indeed hun, you done so well..
    i been stuck writing for my mba assignments and feel so tired . I have so many fun ideas I hope to complete later on when i got more time..
    So whats the next skirt you making/
    I cannot wait to see your taffy too ! xx

  2. The next 2 skirts are 1 from my weekend sewing which is a wrap and meringue sans the scallops, I am also making the baby and big boy something to wear. I totally understand how you feel I am pursuing my MBA as well. :)


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