Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pattern Review : A-Line Skirt with Saddle Stitching

Alright my first me made item of the year was right out of Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins "Fabric-by-Fabric One-Yard Wonders". I love the creativity and inspiration that these particular authors have to offer and being adequate on some level of sewing felt ready to take on such a thing as an A-line skirt as I have made a few over time. I approached this project as if I were a beginner so that I could truly evaluate what the new sewist might experience. The skirt is cute and wearable but needs to be altered and taken in. Here are some pictures which will be followed by my review.
I chose a dark Brown Corduroy and a nice quilting cotton to line my skirt waist and pockets
Lady Royale is enjoying her new skirt which now completed hangs at her hips and not her waist
The lining in the pockets
The lining in the waist
Pattern: From the book Fabric-by-Fabric One-Yard Wonders I received this from my darling hubby for Christmas!

Fabric: Dark brown corduroy was red-tagged at Jo-anns at and a coupon :) $2.25 the quilting fabric is from and on clearance I purchased this for $1.79.

Wearable: I like the overall skirt however it sits loosely at my hips and I will have to take this in. I will wear this and the next version. I did not add the decorative stitch to the skirt yet as I need to alter the fitting.

Recommendations:  This is a good introduction on how to add a waist and pocket facing and inserting a zipper. This also offers a new decorative hand-stitch detail for a new sewists arsenal.   Note*it says to use the measurements for the waist* I caution against this, my waist measures in at a large for this pattern. I felt that this was too big and went for the medium size and discovered that this was in fact too big on me as well. I would recommend making a muslin in the future to create a nice fit. I think on the next version of this pattern I will document some simple alterations in hopes to help others who have the same experience. To achieve the a-line look I will also have to adjust the hips  to offer a more streamlined look as I find that based off of the waist to end ratio the a-line affect is too wide. So I give the pattern a C+ for ease of use. The first time sewist might be quite disappointed when they measure their waste and make this skirt solely off of that measurement.

Ease of sewing: The directions are very easy to follow providing you are comfortable with attaching a facing and putting in a zipper. For the new sewist this would be ideal for practice in installing both of these elements so I would not fret if you have your heart set on this pattern as it will offer a great learning experience.

Have a great evening! Cheers!


  1. Hun, the lining full sparkles of spring... so cute !

  2. That's a really good review, thank you for doing that. I really like the brown cord and yellow quilting cotton, it's a really sweet combination. Hope the alterations go well so that you get to wear it again and again!

  3. Thank you so Much! So far the alterations on the finished one went well. Now I am preparing a blue cord version with suggestions for altering. :)


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