Sunday, January 8, 2012

My New Favorite!!!

So for Christmas my hubby gave to me 1 Crosley all in one radio, cd, mp3, cassette, and record player!!!! I have only wanted this for um like 3 years. I told myself that I could not open it until I re-arranged the living room. So yesterday we took down all traces of Christmas and nestled those dear boxes in storage until next time. I then re-imagined my living room and set out re-arranging, purging, and setting up my New favorite in its semi-permanent home. We are saving up for a new entertainment center that I have been watching for a while. Now I have had a few records and loved playing my parents records growing up. So to my surprise about summertime last year a whole crate-ful of records sat at the curb....Nothing makes me more upset than to see these beauties or anything that can still be used wastefully discarded. I had to save them and I did. So I have sat waiting for my new record player hoping to get it for Christmas so that I could play these records and see just what gems I might have found. Can I say perfectly wonderful records some that are over 70 years old that play beautifully!!! I spent a great morning listening to these records while putting new items in the shop and making a sale to boot! Enjoy my lovely new favorite and come by the shop if you would like I will be adding new things on a regular basis.
All that cleaning and I forgot to dust the darn TV lol, but look at that beauty!

So far this is in my top favorites

Peety enjoying holding up my lovely records-I am a crazy owl lady!

A lovely variety of Records and they all play so well!

To me there is nothing like listening to a record to get me jump-started
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. That's such a pretty record player! I love the vintage look of it. My boyfriend managed to find a reel to reel recorder the other day and it's pristine complete with carry case and tapes. It makes him very happy and I love seeing him tinkering with it as you can see how much joy it brings him.

    Hope the records and the record player bring you lots of joy for the coming year! I'm off to nosey in your shop!

  2. I can only imagine how tickled your boyfriend must feel! My oldest boy was like mom how do those work, he was so boggled by the concept of it. :)


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